Lady Macbeth character quotes

A quote to show how Lady Macbeth would rather be a man (hint: when she talks to spirits) unsex me here
A quote showing her evil nature, represented through a form of purity in a woman take my milk for gall
A quote which shows Lady Macbeth manipulating her husband (hint: the flower) Look like the flower but be the serpent under it
A quote used by Lady Macbeth to insult her husband since he is supposed to be valiant (hint: milk) too full o’th’milk of human kindness
A quote used by Lady Macbeth to insult her husband again, she is trying to emotionally blackmail him (hint: courage) Screw your courage-and we’ll not fail
A quote to show that even though she hasn’t committed the crime, she did take an active part in it (hint: hands) my hands are of your colour
Lady Macbeth manipulating her husband by telling him he is too kind, the gender roles are subverted here, and it is an ironic quote (hint: white) I shame to wear a heart so white
This could be the start of Lady Macbeth showing her guilt (hint: to be done) what’s done, is done
Here we see Lady Macbeths guilt manifest into her psychological destruction (hint: damned and reference to blood) Out damned spot! Out I say!
Here we see Lady Macbeth speaking to her doctor and her mental state is severely declined (Hint: Arabia) All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand

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