Lady Macbeth – Character Analysis

Violent Lady Macbeth is a violent character which is depicted through her actions and language. For example, Lady Macbeth calls upon the spirits to remove her femininity and make her a man, who in the Jacobean period were typically strong. Also, she morbidally depicts how she would brutally murder her own child if she had promised Macbeth.
Manipulative Lady Macbeth manipulates Macbeth and other characters throughout the play. She does this in a variety of ways, such as emasculating Macbeth by commenting on his mental strength and physical, and questioning his masculinity, comparing him to that of a woman, who were typically perceived as weak in the Jacobean period.
Deceitful Lady Macbeth is also a deceitful character. She does this by playing a completely different side to her; a warm, nice and kind side. We’re seen this when she welcomes Duncan into her house, pretending to be his friend, meanwhile planning his death on the side.
cold-hearted We’re shown this trait by her reaction to Duncan’s death and how she deals with it after. She seems unbothered by the whole situation and only sees the positive in it, that she and Macbeth are the ruling Monarch’s. Macbeth, on the other hand, shows signs of fragility and remorse, in the start.
Mad/Mentally unstable Despite Lady Macbeth’s initial strength, her mental state starts to deteriorate towards the end of the play. She attempts to wash blood from her hands which isn’t actually there and confesses, unintentionally, to her and Macbeth’s heinous crimes in front of a Doctor and an Attendant.
Ambitious Lady Macbeth arguably, even more so than Macbeth at the start, has a strong desire to get what she craves the most: the crown. She needs no supernatural temptations to urge her on, and nothing deters her from trying for the crown.
Her affection/soft side Even though Lady Macbeth is presented as a strong character throughout, we are, however, shown a softer side to Lady Macbeth when she states that she would have murdered Duncan herself had he not reminded her of her father whilst he slept.

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