King Lear quiz

Who are Cordelia’s two suitors? Duke of Burgundy and King of France
Which one marries Cordelia? King of France marries her
Why does the other one refuse to marry Cordelia? Burgundy refuses because Cordelia’s father disowns her, so he won’t gain anything
List each time Edmund betrays Gloucester Edmund lies about Edgar plotting to kill Edmund and Gloucester with the letter. Edmund cuts himself with a sword and says that Edgar did it.
Describe each sisters’ speech to Lear in the beginning of the play. Why is Cordelia’s different? Goneril and Regan tell Lear how much they love him and over exaggerate how they feel. Cordelia tells the truth and says that she loves him as her father and nothing more.
Describe the Duke of Albany; how does he reflect the “voice of reason” in the play? Albany reasons with Goneril and tries to remind her of her humanity. He is not always successful, but he reminds the rest of the characters of the moral path they should follow.
What is Kent’s name when he is disguised? Caius
What is Edgar’s name when he is disguised? Poor Tom
What do Oswald and Kent fight about? What does it lead to? Which character disagrees with the actions taken? Why? Oswald and Kent fight about Oswald’s negative remarks about King Lear. This leads to Oswald yelling for help and blaming Kent for the fight. Cornwall disagrees with this because Kent acts rudely towards Kent.
What reasons to Goneril and Regan give Lear explaining why he only needs a certain number of knights? What is that number? Regan and Goneril explain that Lear can use their knights. The number of knights he will need is 50.
Gloucester is the “Earl of Irony” – identify two different times when something he says uses dramatic irony. When he is blind and finally “sees” the truth about Edmund. He also talks aboutEdgar to Edgar, who is disguised as Poor Tom.
What is Gloucester’s punishment? Why is he punished in this manner? Gloucester’s punishment is that he has his eyes gouged out. He is punished because Cornwall says that Gloucester will see his wrongs avenged.
Who is responsible for the death of Cornwall? The servant, who Cornwall stood up for, is responsible.
What is Edmund’s primary motive for most of his actions? Edmund wants the power and tile that he believes he is entitled to.
Describe the relationship between Lear and Cordelia at the end of the play. Lear wants to apologize and regrets his rash decision to banish her
How does Lear react to Cordelia’s death? King Lear dies of shock and a broken heart.
List the characters who die and the cause of death. Cornwall- stabbedGloucester- jumps off a cliffEdmund- Edgar stabs himRegan- poisoned by GonerilGoneril- suicide (stabbed)Cordelia- hanged by EdmundLear- old age/ broken heart

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