King Lear Characters

King Lear ruler of Britain, retires and gives kingdom to his 2 daughters (but not Cordelia), kicked out by Goneril, kicked out by Regan, “discarded father”, goes crazy, goes to Dover, then he dies
Fool King Lear’s jester and travels with King Lear, does not die
Goneril King Lear’s eldest daughter, gets land, joins forces with Regan to go against Cordelia, wanted to kill Albany (her husband) so she can be with Edmund, wanted to kill Regan (because Regan likes Edmund), commits suicide (because Edmund died) and dies
Regan King Lear’s middle daughter, gets land, kicks out King Lear, joins forces with Goneril to go against Cordelia, likes Edmund, poisoned by Goneril and dies
Cordelia King Lear’s youngest and favorite daughter, given no land or dowry, forgives King Lear, was going to marry Duke of Burgandy, married King of France, becomes Queen of France, army loses, becomes prisoner of war, hung by Edmund and died
Kent nobleman and loyal to King Lear, has an alliance with Gloucester, went to help King Lear while he was in the wilderness, does not die
Gloucester Earl, loyal to King Lear, has an alliance with Kent, blind because Cornwall ripped out his eyes, tries to commit suicide (but his son, Edmund, had tricked him)
Edmund Gloucester’s cruel son, 2 timer (with Regan and Goneril), ordered King Lear and Cordelia to die, got killed by Edgar
Edgar Gloucester’s loyal and good son, helps his dad, tried to save Cordelia from dying, killed Edmund, does not die
Cornwall Regan’s husband, tore out Gloucester’s eyes, got stabbed by his servants and died
Albany Goneril’s husband, almost died by Goneril
Duke of Burgundy was going to marry Cordelia, was denied by Cordelia, one of Cordelia’s suters, did not die
King of France Cordelia’s husband, one of Cordelia’s suters, does not die
Oswald Goneril’s servant, does not die
Oswald, King of France, Duke of Burgundy, Albany, Kent, Fool, Edgar, Gloucester Who does not die at the end of the story?
King Lear, Cordelia, Goneril, Regan, Cornwall, Edmund Who does died at the end of the story?

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