Key moments King Lear

Act 1 Scene 1 -Love Trial -Objectification of Cordelia
Act 1 Scene 2 -Edmund is machievellian
Act 1 Scene 4 -Fool chastises Lear-Lear is a little bit angry at nature
Act 2 Scene 2 -Edgar is poor tom -Lear shows hysteria-Lear and body politic -Lear fights with Regan-Lear goes a bit weird ‘O reason not the need’
Act 3 Scene 3 -Lear in storm
Act 3 Scene 4 -Lear and poor tom
Act 3 Scene 6 -Mock trial
Act 3 Scene 7 -Gloucester blinding
Act 4 Scene 1 -Edgar and Gloucester reunited
Act 4 Scene 4 -Cordelia returns and worried about Lear
Act 4 Scene 7 -Lear reunites with Cordelia
Act 5 Scene 1 -Edmund with the sisters getting it on
Act 5 Scene 3 -Lear and Cordelia -Cordelia dies along with everyone in the ****ing play

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