Kalis beowulf

what annoys grendel and leads them to the attacks? they were singing
what universal conflict lies behinds his war with the danes? good vs. evil
beowulf travels to heron- to kill grendel
he is brave he cares about others and he hates evil and suffering
2.how does the contrast grendel hates others and enjoys suffering he is evilbeowulf is the ideal of goodness and he cares about people
3. by conquering grendel, beowulf has not only ended the life of the evil that surrounded the danes, but he has gotten rid of the presence of evil from the world
epic – told in a serious manner uses elevated language and depicts a hero battling the forces of good and evil.
helfanes son is hrothgar
purge (v) to wash away impurities, clean up; (n) the process of getting rid of something or someone decisively
coordinating conjunction- And, Or, Nor, For, But
coiled and uncoiled- loathsome riving purging
caesura- a pause, usually near the middle of a line of verse, usually indicated by punctuation
significance that beowulf gives wiglaf his gold necklace- wants him to take his position
line 104 page 4—- means Hrothgar was very sad. All of the people of the kingdom were extremely sad and they didn’t know what to do about it

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