Kaitlyn Boyd Macbeth

Adage An old saying
Assailable Not defended
Augur Person who makes predictions
Avaricious Immoderately desirous of acquiring wealth or materials
Avaunt Depart
Breached Broken into
Cleave Be in close contact with
Clept To call, name
Deign Condescend to an answer
Diminutive Small, smaller than others of the same type
Dolor Mournful, gloomy
Harbinger Forerunner, herald
Heath Tract of level wasteland
Husbandry Careful management of resources
Interdiction Prohibition
Jocund Showing high spirited merriment
Knell Sound made by a bell
Malevolence Wishing evil to others
Minions Servants
Nonpareil Unrivaled or unmatched
Parricide Murdering of a relative
Pernicious Harmful or deadly
Perturbation Agitation or disturbance
Redress To set right or remedy
Suborned Induced to do the wrong thing
Surcease An end or pause
Surfeited Fed beyond capacity or desire
Thralls Slaves
Unlineal Not in a direct line of descent
Verities Truths or principles

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