Julius Caesar Review

Julius Caesar Roman general who has defeated his rival Pompey and seems destined to the crowned King of Rome
Calpurnia Caesar’s wife. She tries to prevent him from going to the Capitol on the day of his murder
Marcus Brutus a senator, chief prelate (judge) and second in power after the consul. He is a friend of Caesar but joins the conspiracy because he loves Rome more than his friend ship. Acknowledged by all as a noble Roman. He practices the philosophy of stoicism.
Portia Brutus’ wife, sister of Cassius and daughter of Cato. very strong woman willing to even take her life when she realizes that Brutus’ quest is doomed.
Caius Cassius Brutus’ brother-in-law. An EXCELLENT judge of character. Argues that Antony should also be eliminated and later he should not speak at Caesar’s funeral – both times overruled by Brutus. Genuinely loves Brutus. Commits suicide when he mistakenly believes that Brutus has been defeated. A conspirator who succeeds in recruiting Brutus to their plot
Casca a senator and shrewd member of the conspiracy. He is the first one to stab Caesar.
Cinna conspirator who leaves the letters in places where Brutus will find them.
Decius Brutus NOT to be confused with MARCUS Brutus – He has the gift of flattery and persuades Caesar to attend the Capitol on the Ides of March. He interprets Calpurnia’s dream ina positive manner and tells Caesar that the senate is to offer him the crown.
Caius Ligarius the last member of the conspiracy who meets with Brutus
Metellus Cimber he gains Caesar’s attention by asking for a pardon for his banished brother, thus allowing the other conspirators to surround Caesar and stab him.
Trebonius he lured Antony from the senate allowing the others time to stab Caesar. He is the one conspirator who does not stab Caesar.
Cicero A senator and famous orator. The triumvirs have him executed.
Publius a senator who also arrives to take Caesar to the Capitol. He is not part of the plot and is shocked at the assassination. It is he who is sent out to the citizens with the message that no one else will be harmed.
Popilius Lena A senator who wished Cassius well as they approach the senate leading to speculation that their plot has been betrayed
Flavius & Marullus Two tribunes who were suporters of the late Pompey and who were “put to silence” for defacing the statues of Caesar.
Mark Antony (Marcus Antonius) a good friend of Caesar but reputedly more interested in pleasurable pursuits. He is an excellent orator who uses this skill to incite the people of Rome to rebellion when he speakes over the body of Caesar. He later becomes one of the triumvirs and is partially responsible for the defeat of Brutus and Cassius at Philippi.
monologue a speech to an audience eg. a funeral speech
soliloquy a character is alone on stage and he reveals his thoughts to the audience
aside a character is not alone on stage, but he reveals his plans/thoughts to the others without others hearing

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