Julius Caesar Play

Caesar is coming home and they don’t like him In scene 1, why are Flavius and Marullus angry?
He says to ignore him, Caesar thinks he is a dreamer In scene 2, what is Caesar’s reaction to the soothsayer?
Cassius tells Brutus to join the conspirators and that Brutus can’t fully see himself In scene 2, what is the discussion between Brutus an Cassius?
Caesar denied the crown 3 times and he’s not happy he was offere the crown in the first place What does Casca say happened at the Lupercal and how does he feel about it?
owl, raining fire, screaming women, men’s hands on fire, lion List the five omens seen during scene 3.
Casca thinks the omens are bad and killing Caesar was bad. Cassius thinks the omens show Caesat was bad How do Casca an Cassius react to the omens?
he could conserve the public and Caesar wouln’t get to much power List the pros of Brutus joining the conspirators
Caesar is his friend List the cons of Brutus joining the conspirators
Protecting his frienship List the pros of Brutus not joinging the conspirators
Caesar would become too powerful List the cons of Brutus not joining the conspirators
no oath, not to kill marc antony, doesn’t want Cicero to join Name the three times Brutus overrules Cassius in act 2
he won’t tell her what’s going on Why is portia upset with Brutus?
sees blood from Caesar’s statue, fire, lions in the street Explain Calphurnia’s dream
says the dream is good, they’re going to crown him, they will think he’s scared if he doesn’t go How does Decius persuade Caesar to go to the Capitol?
Casca Who stabs Caesar first?
Brutus Who stabs Caesar last?
so they all feel like they are loyal to each other Why do all the conspirators stab Caesar?
they kneel in front of Caesar trying to get Metellus’ brother back How do the conspirators get close enough to Caesar?
feels betrayed How does Caesar respond to them?
Brutus has to go first, can’t blame conspirators, speak well of Caesar, Permission to speak, talk at the same place What are the conditions which Antony can speak at the funeral?
Caesar was ambitious What is Brutus’ main argument for killing Caesar during his speech?
“But Brutus is an honorable man” What phrase does Antony continue to repeat in his speech?
money, gardens, parks What has Caesar left the people in his will?
rewrite Caesar’s will, prick people’s names What did Antony, Octavius, and Lepidus iscuss in Scene 1, act 4
Cassius is taking bribes an not paying the army Why is Brutus angy with Cassius?
Brutus wrote letters to Lucius who is Cassius’ friendd bashing him Why is Cassius angry with Brutus?
died- swallowed coals What happened to portia?
sees Caesar’s ghost- see you at Phillipi What appears in Brutus’ tent?
Cassius Antony fights_____________
Brutus Octavius fights_____________
call each other hippocrates What is the main accusation at their meeting in the middle of the field?
birds, not in their favor anymore What is the omen Cassius describes in scene 1 act 5?
Antony and Octavius What two armies are winning?
Thinks Titinnius is captured and kills himself How does Cassius miniterpret the report of Pindarus?
Pindarus Who assists Cassius in killing himself?
he wanted friends, not enemies Why does Antony tell his men to treat Lucilius with repect when they capture him?
strato Who helps Brutus kill himself?
One of the men who is put to silence for taking down decorations
Man who starts the conspiracy to kill Caesar
Brutus “This shall make our purpose necessary, and not envious; which so appearing to the common eyes, we shall be called purgers, not murderers”
Caesar “Cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never taste of death but once.”
Antony “This was the noblest Roman of them all. All the conspirators save only he did that they did in envy of great Caesar.”
Cassius “Men are at times masters of their fates. The fault…is not in our starts, but in ourselves, that we are underlings.”
Artemidorious “My heart laments that virtue cannot live out of the teeth of emulation. If thou read this…thou mayest live; if not, the fates with traitors do contrive.”

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