Julius Caesar Characters and Act 5

Marcus Brutus Caesar’s former best friend who is persuaded by Cassius to join the conspirators to kill Caesar. He later regrets his decision and commits suicide on the field of battle.
Cassius The man responsible for stating the gang of conspirators against Caesar. He uses guile to force Brutus into the conspirators. He commits suicide after believing he sent his “best friend” to his death.
Julius Caesar Defeated Pompey and is favored to be crowned king by the plebeians. The conspirators rise up against him and kill him because many are still loyal to Pompey or they hunger for rule of Rome.
Marc Antony A supporter of Caesar who befriends Octavius and Lepidus to rise against the conspirators after they kill Caesar. He is victorious and gains control of Rome.
Casca A sarcastic senator who joins the conspirators for self gain. He is the first to strike Caesar as he shouts “Speak, hands, for me!”
Calphurnia Caesar’s wife who is the first to warn him he is in danger after she witnesses a dream in which Caesar is a fountain spouting blood.
Portia Brutus’ wife whom is very curious of her husband’s plans and is upset with him when he does not share with her the plot he is joining. Finally she dies by swallowing hot coals to prove her strength to her husband and also because she know Brutus and the conspirators will fail.
Decius Brutus A conspirator who was assigned the job of interpreting any bad omen into a good one (such as Calpurnia’s dream).
Soothsayer A man who predicts that Caesar will die on March 15 and attempts to warn him moments before Caesar’s death.
Cinna the Poet In the wrong place at the wrong time Cinna the Poet is murdered for having the same name as a conspirator by a mob of plebeians.
Artemidorus A man who receives a revelation that Caesar is in danger and attempts to tell Caesar but the conspirators direct Caesar’s attention elsewhere.
Which four characters finally confront one another in Act V scene I? Marc Antony and Octavius against Cassius and Brutus
What mistaken assumptions lead to Cassius’s death? He believed he sent Titinious to his death when in reality Titinious was being welcomed by Brutus’s camp.
Why does Brutus think he must commit suicide? He feels overwhelmed with guilt for killing Caesar and he knows that without Cassius he will not defeat Mark Antony and Octavius.
How do Antony and Octavius react to Brutus’s death? They state that he as the most noble Roman of them all because he truly wanted to best for Rome while all the other conspirators joined for personal gain.

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