Julius Caesar Act2 Character Map Trahan

Awake at 3 a.m. worried about Brutus Portia
Servant to Brutus Lucius
Secretly delivers a letter to Brutus Artemidorus
Asks Artemidorus to deliver a letter to Brutus Cassius
Tells Caesar to “Beware the Ides of March” Soothesayer
Married to Caesar Calphurnia
Recently had nightmares about Caesar Calphurnia
When Caesar tells hits to do something, it’s done Mark Antony
The sons of Pompey were recently defeated by ___ Caesar
Hates Caesar Cassius
Successfully convinces Brutus to join the conspiracy Cassius
Agrees to make sure that Caesar is at the planned assassination spot Decius
Brutus thinks __ shouldn’t be in the conspiracy bc he is likely not to be a follower Cicero
Compares Caesar to a serpent in a shell Brutus
Portia seeks news about her husband and Caesar from __ Soothesayer
Caesar thinks __ has a “lean and hungry look.” Cassius
Caesar completely trusts __. Brutus
Cassius knows this person’s voice immediately Casca
Casca reports Caesar’s refusal of crown and epileptic fit to __. Brutus
Caesar punishes __ and __ for pulling banners off of statues. Marullus and Flavius
Brutus argues that it would be bloody to kill __ to. Mark Antony
Mark Antony touches __ during a foot race. Calphurnia
Mark Antony offered __ the crowd three times. Caesar
__ and __ are critical of Romans who celebrate Caesar’s victory over these men. Marullus and Flavius

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