Julius Caesar Act V

Who fought Brutus? Octavius
Who fought Cassius? Antony
Octavius quote “I was not born to die on Brutus’ sword”
When does Cassius die? On his birthday
Brutus and Cassius make a pact to… Commit suicide if they are taken prisoner
What did Brutus do at the start of the battle? Gave the word to begin too early
Who won? Who lost? Brutus won. Cassius lost.
How did Cassius die? Had his servant, Pindarus, stab him with his sword
What were Cassius’ and Brutus’ final thoughts? Caesar
Who kills himself bc he blamed Cassius’ death on himself? Titinius
Does Brutus win the final battle? No
How does Brutus kill himself? Has his soldier, Strato, hold his sword for Brutus to run into it
Who has the last lines of the play? Octavius
2 things Octavius does to how that he will e a good leader 1. Gives Brutus a proper burial2. Takes Brutus’ men for his own
Antony quote “This was the noblest Roman of them all”

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