Julius Caesar Act 5 Study Guide Questions

At the beginning of the scene, Octavius and Mark Antony clash on military strategy. What conflict of Act IV does this parallel? The conflict between Octavius and Mark Atony’s clash on Military strategy parallels to Brutus and Cassius conflict on their military strategy.
The four leaders (Octavius, Antony, Brutus, Cassius) meet on the battlefield before the fighting begins. Which statements are true about the purpose of that meeting? The four leaders (Octavius, Atony, Brutus, and Cassius) meet on the battlefield before the fighting begins because so that they can make bets on the outcome and also insult each other. (have their disagreements with one another)
The final battle takes place on Cassius’ Birthday
As you read lines 70-125, there is a feeling that.. Both men are not confident in battle
Why does Cassius send Titinius down the hill on horseback? to find out if the soldiers by his tents are friends or enemies
To whom does Cassius speak his last words? Pindarus
Why does Cassius ask Pindarus to kill him? Cassius asks Pindarus to kill him because he believes that Titinus has been captured by captured and killed by the enemy.
Why does Titinius commit suicide? To show how much he loved Cassius
Describe how Brutus feels about Cassius’ death Brutus is saddened and a little upset. he calls to Julius caesar and says how he got his revenge on the conspirators. Brutus says they are putting their swords in their own entrails.
What does Brutus ask of Clitus, Dardanius, and Volumnius? Brutus asks Clitus, Dardanius, and Volumnius to hold his sword while he stabs himself.
How do each of the three men respond? Each of the men refused to let Brutus kill himself. They try to persuade him to not kill himself
How does Brutus finally die? Brutus has Voluminous hold the sword so that Brutus may impale himself with it.
In Antony’s last speech over Brutus’ body, how does Antony compare Brutus to the rest of the conspirators? Atony said that Cassius was the noblest Roman of all the rest of the Conspirators. Cassius only with public minded motives became on the conspirators, instead of an act of jealousy.
Who has the last lines in the play? What is significant about the fact that he has the last lines? Octavius has the last lines in the play. It is significant because Octavius is the nephew of Caesar and because he is saying his condolences to a noble Roman who was a conspirator. Caesar would do the same

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