Julius Caesar Act 5, Scene 1

About what do Octavius and Antony argue? They argue about how they will enter a battle.
What is significant about this day for Cassius? It is Cassius’s birthday.
What are two things Brutus says will never do, even if he loses the war? Brutus will not kill himself, nor will he let himself be led as a prisoner through Rome.
How does Brutus feel about the battle at this point? He feels as though he can win the battle.
Who wins the first battle? Antony wins the first battle.
What does Cassius send Titinius to do? He sends Titinius to see whose army is winning.
Why does Cassius decide to kill himself? He feels guilty for what they have done, and he also thinks he will lose the battle.
How does Cassius’s death help Pindarus? Pindarus was Cassius’s slave, so upon Cassius’s death, Pindarus becomes free.
What mistake caused Cassius’s death? Cassius thought his army was losing the battle because he thought Titinius had been captured. However, he had not been captured and their army was actually winning.
What does Titinius do when Messala goes to inform Brutus of Cassisus’s death? He kills himself.
What happens to Cato? He dies in battle.
What doe Lucilius pretend to be? He pretends to be Brutus.
What happens to Lucilius? He is captured but is kept safe.
What does Brutus ask Clitus, Dardanius, and Volomnius to do? He asks them to kill him.
How does Brutus die? His men (Strato?) hold his sword and he falls on it.
According to Marc Antony, why is Brutus better than he other conspirators? Brutus did what he did for the love of Rome, not out of jealousy of Caesar, as the others did.

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