Julius Caesar Act 5

In lines 7-12, is Antony presuming he knows what Brutus is thinking? If so, does he stand corrected at the end of scene 1? yes, he thinks Brutus is marching to Philippi to show bravery. Antony thinks Brutus is faking his courage. He stands corrected at the end of the scene because he is willing to fight to death.
Paraphrase lines 30-32. What is Antony saying? Antony says Brutus is a hypocrite
what metaphor does Cassius and Brutus use to describe Antony? they describe him as a Hybla bee because his words are like honey. He can persuade people by his sweet words.
In lines 61-63, who is the1. “peevish schoolboy”2. “masker and reveler” why are they called this? 1. Octavius 2. AntonyThey are called this because Octavius is young and Antony likes to listen to participate in festivals. Cassius says this to insult them.
summarize lines 92-99. Predict what Cassius will do if he wins the battle. Cassius says if this is the last time he talks to them, the goodbye. If they do lose, then Cassius will probably kill himself.
why do Brutus and Cassius say goodbye to each other? the do not know i they will survive the battle
in what philosophy did Brutus believe? what is this? Brutus believed in the Stoic philosophy which taught that he should rule by reason, not by emotion.
How do Brutus and Cassius part? on good terms
explain who is fighting against whom at scene 2. Brutus against Octavius
what has Brutus decided they should do? Brutus orders a sudden attack on Octavius’ troops
what does Cassius have to do to one of his men? kill him because he was running away from the battle with the flag and that makes his army look scared
had the attack on Brutus planned worked? why or why not? what was Brutus’ plan? no because he charged too early. he wanted to surprise attack Octavius’ army.
as Cassius sees the battle is lost, how does his character change? Cassius gives up and doesn’t continue to fight anymore.
what news did Pindaris give to Cassius? Titinius is taken and he heard shouts of joy when they took him. Pindaris said enemy troops took him
what is the significance of today for Cassius? it is his birthday
what does Cassius ask Pindaris to do? why? Cassius asks Pindaris to kill him with the sword because he was losing the battle
why is Cassius’ death ironic? he killed himself because he was upset that Titinius was dead, but it was actually his friends who took him and they were shouting for joy. Also, Cassius is killed with the same sword that killed Caesar.
What does Messala tell Titinius about the battle? Brutus is winning over OctaviusAntony is winning over Cassius
who tells Brutus of Cassius’ death? Messala
what does Titinius end up doing? why? he kills himself because he is upset about Cassius killing himself because Cassius thought he was dead.
why doesn’t Brutus have time to mourn Cassius’ and Titinius’ death? he is in the middle of a battle
how does Lucilius use Brutus’ name to confuse the enemy? Does his plan succeed? explain. Lucilius is taken as prisoner. This gives the real Brutus more time to get away.
what does Antony do with Lucilius. why? Antony wants to be friends with Lucilius so he can try to figure out Brutus’ strategy.
what does Brutus ask of Cassius and Dardanius? Brutus asks them to kill him
how does Brutus know that he must die? he saw Caesar’s ghost again at Philippi
who agrees to help Brutus? How does Brutus plan to die? why is this ironic? Strato helps Brutus. Brutus runs into the sword. This is ironic because he did not want to commit suicide because he believed it was cowardly.
what does Brutus mean when he says, “Caesar now be still. I killed thee with hath so good a will”? Tells Caesar’s ghost he can stop haunting him. He says he more willingly killed himself than he killed Caesar.
did Brutus consider what he was doing to be suicide? no because Strato was the one holding the sword
how does Antony feel about Brutus? why? Antony feels that Brutus was an honorable man because he was never jealous of Caesar.

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