Julius Caesar act 4 study guide questions

Which relatives of the three leaders are among the proscribed people Publius Antony’s nephew Lepidus’s brother
What is antony’s opinion on Lepidus Compares him to an ass and feels that he isn’t fit to be a leader
What is octavius’s view on Lepidus He thinks Lepidus is a Valliant soldier who has has valuable experience
What does brutus mean by a hot friend cooling Brutus and his friendship is weakening to the point where Cassius displays fake kindness and friendliness towards brutus
How has brutus wronged cassius Brutus ignored his letters and condemned lucius when he was innocent
What does Brutus accuse cassius of Thay they killed Caesar for the wrong reasons
What does Cassius ask brutus to do To stab him and take his revenge out on him
How does brutus react to Portia death Because he is a stoic, he is calm and doesn’t express his emotions
How does Cassius react to Portia death He is shocked and cannot believe how calm Brutus
What message does the ghost of caesar give brutus She him at Philippi
Who says”This is a slight unmeritable man, meet to be sent on errands.” About whom Antony says this about lepidus
Who says”And some that smile have in their hearts, I fear, millions of mischiefs.”Meaning Octavius means that the people who smile at them are plotting against them
Who says”Thou has described a hot friend cooling.”About whom Brutus says this about Cassius
Who says”I had rather be a dog and bay the moon than such a roman.”To whomMeaning Brutus says this to Cassius meaning that he would rather be a dog than a man who bribes
Who says”A friendly eye could never see such faults.”To whom Cassius says this to brutus
Who says”When thou didst hate him worse, thou lov’dst him betterTo whomAbout whom Cassius says it to brutus about caesar
Who says”There is a tide in the affairs of men which taken at the flood leads to fortune.” To whom Brutus says it to Cassius
Who’s sells jobs to people who don’t deserve them Octavius

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