Julius Caesar Act 4 Study Guide Answers

In the beginning of Act 4, what list are Antony, Octavius, and Lepidus putting together? A list of people that they want to kill for joining conspiracy/ supporting Caesar’s murder.
Who is in charge of Rome at this time? Antony, Octavius, and Lepidus [triumvirate: a group of 3 people that rule in power]
What does Antony send Lepidus to get and what does he want to do with it? What does this suggest about Antony? The will. He wants to cut the amount of money that is going to be given to each Roman. This suggests that Antony might be corrupt.
How does Antony feel about Lepidus? What does he compare him to? Antony does not think that Lepidus is strong enough. He compares him to a mule- saying that he is only good for running errands.
What does Brutus mean when he says, “[Cassius] hath given me some worthy cause to wish things done undone…” (Scene II, Lines 8-9)? He is rethinking what he did in the conspiracy. He feels guilt (incidents have occurred since) and Cassius and his men are corrupt.
Why do Brutus and Cassius go to the tent alone? They don’t want their armies to see them arguing.
Why is Cassius Frustrated with Brutus at the beginning of Scene 3? Because Brutus told Cassius he was greedy. Cassius thinks Brutus is too harsh.
In lines 93 to 107, what is Cassius implying? What does he tell Brutus to do? (Scene 3) Cassius is becoming depressed and he feels like he is the only one that has been blamed for Caesar’s death. Cassius gives Brutus a dagger and tells him to stab him [Cassius] with it.
What was the poet’s purpose in coming to speak to Brutus and Cassius? (Scene 3) The poet encourages Brutus and Cassius to get along. Brutus and Cassius have made up and are annoyed the poet is interfering their affairs.
What astonishing fact does Brutus reveal about Portia to Cassius and Brutus? Why did she do it? (Scene 3) Brutus reveals that Portia swallowed burning coals and killed herself out of grief that Antony and Octavius had become so powerful.
Where are Antony and Octavius taking their army? (Scene 3) Philippi
Messala tells Brutus and Cassius that Antony and Octavius have killed hundreds of senators. Which individual among the senators does he name? (Scene 3) Cicero
Another argument ensues between Brutus and Cassius regarding the battle that will take place. What does Cassius want to do and why? (Scene 3) Cassius wants his army to stay in Sardis and wait for Antony to come. Cassius says that this would wear out Antony’s soldiers and use his supplies.
What does Brutus want to do? (Scene 3) To meet Antony’s army at Philippi. He wants to gain the men between Sardis and Philippi for his army rather than risking Antony collecting these men.
What do the 2 men decide they will do with their army? (Scene 3) Brutus’ plan- march to Philippi to meet Antony’s army.
After Cassius leaves Brutus’ tent, who comes into it to stay through the night with him? (Scene 3) Claudio, Varrus, and Lucius
What does Brutus ask Lucius to do? (Scene 3) Brutus asks Lucius to play music.
What vision does Brutus see once the other men fall asleep? What does this vision say to Brutus? Which literary element is Shakespeare using here? (Scene 3) He sees the ghost of Caesar. Caesar tells Brutus that he will meet him in Philippi. This means that Brutus will join Caesar in the afterlife when the men get to Philippi. Shakespeare uses foreshadow here.
At the end of Act 4 what order does Brutus give to Claudio and Varrus? Why? (Scene 3) Brutus wants them to leave for Philippi because of the dream he just had.
A foil is a character whose traits contrast with those of another character. Which characters in Act 4 act as foils to one another? Octavius is level headed and self controlled, while Antony is excitable and harsh.Brutus has a guilty conscience and he is noble, while Cassius does not feel guilty and has become corrupt.
Barren Empty; dreary; without life
Covert Secret/ hidden
Deceitful Untruthful; cunning; false
Rash Marked by hustle and lack of caution or consideration

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