Julius Caesar Act 3 ?’s

Is Artemidorus successful in presenting his document to Caesar? No, Caesar doesn’t read it
How do the conspirators manage to gather around Caesar at the capitol? They are giving him praise an bowing/kneeling down to him and pleating to his case
What does Metellus ask of Caesar? to repeal his brother’s ban from town and his death
What does Caesar’s response of Metellus, Brutus, and the others tell you about his self-image? He isn’t letting his brother back and cocky and confident – north star
Who is first to stab Caesar? Casca
Who was last? Brutus
Why do you think Caesar stops defending himself when he sees the dagger in Brutus’ hand? because he thought he was his friend and noble
Cassius feel that the assassination of Caesar will go down in history.How does he feel he and the other men will be remembered? “The men that gave their country liberty” and remembered “with the most boldest and best hearts of Rome”
What is Antony’s attitude toward the conspirators? He hides his true feelings but he truly hates them but acts all nice and respectful and fake, and just pretends to go along
Brutus attempts to explain their actions to Antony, offering brotherly love. What does Cassius offer Antony? Power and say in the government
What favor do the conspirators grant Antony” they let him speak at Caesar’s funeral
Give the conditions under which the conspirators allow Antony to speak at Caesar’s funeral. – if he doesn’t blame the conspirators- admits he speaks with their permission-speaks last (after Brutus)-speaks all good he can think of about Caesar
Antony’s second speech serves as a thinly veiled eulogy for Caesar. To what does Antony compare the conspirators in this speech? (195-211) Why is ironic? Butchers and it exactly what they are but didn’t want to be
What does Antony want to do with Caesar’s body? carry and show it to the people in the market place and speak at the funeral
How does Cassius react to this? he wants to refuse it because it would me more problems to deal with and its negative
What does Brutus resolve to do? he will speak first an set them up and let them know Caesar wanted this
After the conspirators leave, Antony prophesizes over Caesar’s body. Summary the prophecy in your own words, he predicted civil war and it was after he angered people of Rome by giving a voice to the wounds of Caesar that are compared to mouths. In it, he says that mothers, will look upon their infants and smile
Note how Brutus builds his self-denfense on two series of parallel statements. Fill the conclusions in the second series.There are tears for __1__ joy for __2__ honor for __3__ death for __4__ 1. his love2. his fortune3. his valour5. his ambition
What does Brutus say he will do if the good of the country calls for it? kill himself
What does Antony mean when he says, “I speak not o disapprove what Brutus spoke./ But I am here to speak what I do know?” He just wants to his opinion, he doesn’t want to discredit Brutus but he has something further to add to the conversation
How is the crowd responding to Antony’s speech? start on Brutus’s side and then turn onto Antony when he starts making points about what the conspirators are doing
In refusing to read Caesar’s wll to the crowd, what frame of mind does Antony home to transfer to them he wants them to really wan it and anxious without it and he was being minipulate
Which was “the most unkindest cut of all”? Brutus’
What are the contents of Caesar’s will? Every citizen gets: money (75 drachmas) and his courtyards are open to all now
Who has Caesar named as his heir? Octavian who is later named Augustushis grand nephew
Anton denies having the ability to “stir men’s blood.” Is this true? No it was exactly what he was doing, stirring the crowd
What do the citizens go off to do? burn Caesar’s body and use the flames to burn the conspirator’s houses
After Antony wins over the crown, what do Cassius and Brutus do? flee the city
Although there is some humor in the mistaken identity of Cinna here this scene points up a serious development in Rome after the assassination. Antony has prophesied as much. What is this development? extreme violence in breaking out and the people are taking he law into their own hands

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