Julius Caesar Act 2 study guide

Name of Brutus’s personal servant. Lucius
What has Brutus been thinking about that has prevented him from sleeping? The plan/plot to kill Caesar and also thinking if he should kill him or not
Name the person who found the forged letters and gave them to Brutus. Lucius
Brutus reads the letters he receives. What is the purpose of the letters? To encourage Brutus to get in Cassius’s side
What day is it now? March 15th, “the ides of March”
What relationship is Cassius to Brutus? Brother-in-law, Cassius is married to Brutus’s sister, Junia.
Why did Lucius not recognize the other conspirators with Cassius when they arrive? They were hiding their faces with cloaks and in hid in the shadows.
What suggested Cicero be asked to join the conspiracy? Cassius
Why, at first, did his name come up as a possible addition to their conspiracy? Older and wiser, so people will except
What do they decide to do about including him? What reason do they give for their decision? For him to not follow what they do
Why does Brutus put a stop to Cassius’s idea to also kill Antony? It seems too bloody and he doesn’t think that Antony won’t be dangerous or powerful
Why does Brutus tell the conspirators they should not swear to their actions? To have the chance to back out
What reason does he give to Portia’s causing his changed behavior? He said he would had been sick
Does confide in Portia as to the real reason for his disturbed behavior? No
Who is Cato? Portia’s father
In scene two, who else has been experiencing trouble sleeping? Calphurnia
What are Calpurnia’s feelings regarding the day at hand? Something bad was going to happen
According to Calpurnia, what are some unusual sightings that have taken place today? A lioness gave birth in a street, a grave opened, and warriors fought on the cloud
What decision does Caesar make regarding going to the Capitol or staying home? He will go so no one will think of him as a coward
Caesar begins to reconsider going to the capital. What excuse does he consider offering? He just didn’t want to go
What was Calpurnia’s dream? Saw Caesar’s statue spouting out blood and the people of Rome were putting their hands in it
How did Decius reinterpret the meaning of Calpurnia’s dream from its original meaning? The blood meant it would be for the good of The land
Caesar requests the men to be near him at all times in the Capitol today. How is this request ironic in light if things to come? The people he requests close to him are conspirators
Scene three opens with Artemidorous reading a letter. What are its contents? Warning to Caesar
In scene four, why does Portia send Lucius to the Capital himself? To try and warn Caesar
At the end of the scene where does Lucius go? capitol

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