Julius Caesar Act 2 Scene 1

What is the setting? Brutus’ Orchard
Who is Lucius? Brutus’ Servant
What is a taper? Candle
What two things did Brutus compare to Caesar? An Ader (Snake) and a Ladder
How did Brutus react to reading the false letters? He vowed that he would give justice Rome.
Why can’t Brutus sleep? He has been going over the idea of killing Caesar that Cassius planted in his mind.
What is tomorrow? The Ides of March
Why can’t Lucius identify the men that came to see Brutus? Their hats were pulled down and they were covered by their cloaks.
Brutus identifies them by calling them the… Conspirators
What does he tell them? That they should hide in daylight behind smiles and friendliness.
Who are the conspirators that visit? Cassius, Casca, Decius, Cinna, Metellus, and Trebonius
When they say to swear an oath how does Brutus respond? That Romans don’t need to swear oaths because they are honorable.
Why does Brutus say that they should leave Cicero out of the conspiracy? That he won’t be apart of anything he didn’t start.
Why does Brutus say they shouldn’t kill Antony? He will be useless after the kill Caesar.
Who says that they can lure Caesar to the Capitol with flattery? Decius
After the conspirators leave, who meets Brutus in the garden? Portia
Who is Portia? Brutus’ Wife
What is Brutus’ excuse for not being himself? Does she accept it? Sick and No
What does Portia do to convince Brutus of her loyalty? Wounded herself in the thigh
Who else reveals himself as part of the conspiracy? Ligarius

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