Julius Caesar act 1

How does Shakespeare make the common people appear to be less than noble? As Flavius and Marullus are from a higher social order as tribunes, it is when thetribunes and commoners all gather to see Caesar and rejoice in his triumph overPompey that a conflict erupts between the tribunes and commoners and thecommoners are referred to as knaves, blocks and stones.
What are the people doing that angers Marullus and Falvius? Why does thisanger them? Commoners have gathered to participate in Caesar’s triumph over Pompey,another Roman. Caesar is being honored for defeating other Romans rather thanforeigners
What actions do Marullus and Flavius take to correct he situation? Flavius and Marullus become convinced that they must turn the commonersagainst the ambitions of Caesar. They remove the ceremonial decorations placedon public statutes in honor of Caesar’s triumph to prevent Caesar from becominga godlike tyrant
Why does Caesar want Calphurnia to stand in Anthony’s path during the race inhonor of the feast of Lupercal? Caesar hopes that Calphurnia may be cured of her sterility by having Antony whois one of the holy runners touch her.
5. What is Antony’s response to Caesar’s instructions? What does this suggestabout their relationship? Antony’s response, “When Caesar says ‘Do this,’ it is performed”. This suggeststhat Antony respects Caesar’s authority and eminence by complying with Caesar’srequest.
What is Caesar’s reaction to the soothsayer’s warning? He says he’s a dreamer and sends him away.
What complaint does Cassius make about Brutus’s behavior towards him? Howdoes Brutus answer this complaint? Since Cassius finds out that Brutus has been engrossed with his own privatethoughts, Cassius reacts by saying he has held back his own ideas because hefeared Brutus was no longer his friend. Cassius compliments the upstandingreputation Brutus holds in the community and that he values so highly. Thisleads Brutus to wonder what danger Cassius would lead him into.
Cassius’s story attacks what aspect of Caesar’s makeup? What is this attacksupposed to say to Brutus? Cassius dwells upon Caesar’s physical weaknesses that he defines as lack ofstamina and the epileptic fits. These weaknesses he argues do not make Caesarany different physically so why should he and Brutus treat Caesar as the god hedesires and allow Caesar to rule over them.
What does Cassius mean by the following statement? “‘Brutus’ will start a spiritas soon as ‘Caesar’.” (147) The name Brutus would cause cheering just as easily as Caesar
How does Brutus respond to Cassius’s attack on Caesar? Brutus says he will consider Cassius’ words. Since Brutus is not completelypersuaded by Cassius, he admits he would rather not be a citizen of Rome in suchstrange times.
. What astute observation does Caesar make of Cassius? Caesar is uneasy when he observes Cassius’ lack of a private life that suggests toCaesar a coldness about Cassius and a lack of human warmth. Cassius is seen asa danger to those in power
What faults does Caesar see in Cassius’s nature? Caesar comments to Antony that Cassius loves no plays, hears no music andseldom smile
What does Caesar mean by the following statement? “I rather tell thee what is tobe feared/Than what I fear; for always I am Caesar.” (211-12) He is saying he would want to tell them what to fear than the people knowing hisfears.
What does this statement show about Caesar’s nature? He doesn’t want to show weakness, he wants to appear powerful and serious.
What story does Casca relate to Brutus and Cassius? What does Casca tell us bythe personal remarks he adds to the story? At the procession Antony offered Caesar a crown three times, each time rejectingit and the crowd cheering him for refusing instead of demanding he accept it.Caesar’s angry emotions overcame him and he collapsed. Casca mentions thatwhen Caesar hesitates to accept the crown his motivations seem to be a noble act,but only leads him to believe that Caesar is capable of wanting power andbecoming a dictator
How did the people react to Caesar’s fit? What does this tell us about theirfeelings for Caesar? Caesar’s fit did not did not seem to affect his authority and the crowd continuedto cheer and express their love for Caesar.
What information does Casca give about Marullus and Flavius? The tribunes were stripped of the positions as civil servants for removingdecorations from Caesar’s statutes.
At the end of the scene, what plans does Cassius make to sway Brutus to hiscause? Cassius plans to forge letters from Roman citizens declaring their support forBrutus and their fear of Caesar’s rise to power. He will throw the letters intoBrutus’s house that evening.
9. What wonderous things has Casca seen on this night? He has seen lions running free in the streets, an owl out during the day andpeople on fire.
What reason does Cassius give for the terrible storm? He reasons that the gods are mad at someone’s actions
What important news does Casca give Cassius about the Senate’s plan? The Senate intends to crown Caesar king of all the Roman dominions ” ‘save herein Italy.’ “
What does Cassius mean by the following statement? “He were no lion, were notRomans hinds.” (106) Caesar’s real power is not from any lion-like characteristics. His strength comesfrom the goodwill and good opinions of the people
What instructions does Cassius give Cinna that will help sway Brutus to theircause? He tells him to go lay the letters out where Brutus will find them
. What reason does Casca give for wanting Brutus to join their cause? Brutus’s participation in their plot will bring worthiness to their plans becausepeople love him.

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