Julius Caesar

Where and in what year does act 1, scene 1, take place? Rome 44BC
Why do amaryllis and Flavius believe that Caeser’s triumph should not be celebrated? They are still loyal to Pompey
What warming does the soothsayer give Caesar? Beware the ides of March or March 15
Burris fears that… Caesar will be a tyrant when he is king
What is Caesar’s opinion of Cassius? That he is lean and hungry looking and that he is dangerous
Casca tells Brutus and Cassius that Anthony offered Caesar a crown three times. Why, according to Casca is Caesar displeased? The crowd cheered when he didn’t take it and he wanted them to beg him to take it
According to Cassius, what is Caesar’s opinion of Brutus? Cassius says Caesar loves Brutus
What are three unnatural happenings on the night of March 14? The screech owl was out in the day, there was a lion in the capital, and there were guys on fire walking around
Casca tells Cassius that on March 15 the senators plan to make Caesar… The king
Why do the conspirators want Brutus to join them? Brutus is very liked and they could get away with anything with Brutus helping them
What is the date and time of day when act 2, scene 1, take place? The ides of March at midnight
Why is Brutus unable to sleep? He is trying to decide to kill Caesar and justify doing it
Brutus says that Anthony should not be killed because.. It would seem to bloody and Anthony was just a limb of Caesar
What does Portia want to know? Why Brutus is acting strange, walking around at night and not talking to her
What does Calpurnia beg Caesar to do? She begs Caesar to stay home because she’s afraid something bad will happen to him
Describe Calpurnia’s dream She saw Caesar’s statue poring blood and lusty Romans were bathing there hands in it
List three arguments that Decius uses to change Caesar’s mind He says the dream is showing the Romans loyalty to Caesar, he says the senate plan to give Caesar the crown today and that Caesar will be a joke if he doesn’t come
What does Artemidorus hope to do? He hopes to give Caesar a letter warning him against Brutus and his friends
Who plans to warm Caesar? The soothsayer
In scene 4 Portia is worried and nervous because.. Brutus is acting sick
How does Caesar react to those who would warn him? He brushes them off ad ignores them
What are Caesar’s dying words and how do you think they make Brutus feel? E tu Brute Then fall CaesarMade Brutus feel guilty
How do the senators and the people react after Caesar’s assassination They freak out they act like its doomsday
What request does Anthony make of Brutus? He request to speak at Caesar’s funeral
After Anthony is left alone with Caesar’s bony, how does his attitude change? He is mad and upset and says there will just be destruction and fierce civil strife
What reason does Brutus tell the crowd he slew Caesar? He said Caesar would be a tyrant if he became king
How does the crowd react to Brutus speech? They were happy because they would be free and they hoped Brutus would be the next Caesar
What do the pedi and force Anthony to do? Read them the will
How does the crowd behave as Anthony’s speech ends? They riot they startBiting and destroying
What does scene 3 reveal about the plebians? FICKLE They are very easy to sway
How much time passes between the end of act 3 and the beginning of act 4 A year and a half
List three things that Anthony says about Lepidus? He says Lepidus is only for to run errands and the only reason he get to pick who dies is so the other 2 aren’t burdened with the blame
Cassius accuses Brutus of wronging him in what way does Brutus respond? Let’s go in my tent and talk in private
Brutus accuses Cassius of.. Being greedy and taking bribes
Brutus reveals another reason he is angry with Cassius. What did Cassius refuse to give him? He did not give Brutus the money he owed him for his army’s
What personal grief has Brutus recently suffered? His wife Portia killed herself
Why does Cassius think that he and Brutus should wait for the enemy to come to them? Because the enemy is a long ways away and if they come to them they will be worn out so they will be easier to defeat
Why does Brutus think he and Cassius should meet Anthony and Octavious and Philippi? Brutus thinks his army is at its peek and they should go before they start losing men
Which man is really in charge Brutus or Cassius Brutus
The ghost of Caesar tells Brutus that.. He will see him again in Philippi
Where and when does act 5 take place A few weeks later
What do the two armies do after Octavious and Anthony argue with Brutus and Cassius? They part and go to prepare there armies for battle
How does Cassius feel about the upcoming battle and why? He afraid they will lose because birds of prey were circling them
What does Pindarus tell Cassius about Titinius? Pindarus tells Cassius Titinius is ta’en
What does Cassius ask Pindarus to do? Why? He ask Pindarus to kill him because he thinks his army has lost
Whom does Brutus blame for the deaths of Cassius and Titinius? Could their deaths have been avoided? He blames Caesar even though he is dead and yes if Cassius wouldn’t have been so rash in killing himself
Why does Lucilius say that he is Brutus? Because the soldier wants to kill Brutus so Lucilius says he’s Brutus so Brutus won’t die
Brutus believes his death is near because.. Caesar has been visiting him in his dreams two times
How does Brutus die? Strato holds a sword and Brutus runs on it
Why does Anthony honor Brutus? Because he’s the only one that thought killing Caesar was for the good of Rome
Straggle To wander or move about in an irregular rambling manner
Billow A great wave or swell of a body of water
Garland A wreath of flowers usually worn about the head
Meditates Thinks seriously and carefully reflects
Fawned Acted humbly showered with attention and flattery
Providence Care or benevolent guidance
Peevish Irritable and I’ll-temper cranky
Misconstrued Mistook the meaning of
Disconsolate So sad as to be without hope cheer or comfort
Sporadic Happening from time to time

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