johnsen vocabulary 9 & 10, & shakespeare / romeo and juliet

fortuitous definition lucky, favorable
perturbation definition act of being disturbed, uneasy
tyranny definition oppression (a dictatorship)
supercede definition to retract, rescind, or revoke
minuscule definition microscopic, small, miniature
indispensable definition essential, necessary
liaison definition a romance, affair, or a scandal; a connection or link
consensus definition a general agreement or a common approval
conscience definition sense of right or wrong
acquit defiinition to pardon, justify, or absolve
discerning definition careful
pious definition religious
enervated definition tired, exhausted
malleable definition able to be bent, molded
euphoria definition happiness, peace, tranquility
abomination definition extreme hatred
disarray definition disorganized
asylum definition home, dwelling
disposition definition attitude, tone, mood
garrulous defintion chatty, verbose, repetitve
fortuitous part of speech adj
perturbation part of speech n
tyranny part of speech n
supercede part of speech v
minuscule part of speech adj
indispensable part of speech adj
liaison part of speech n
consensus part of speech n
conscience part of speech n
acquit part of speech v
discerning part of speech adj
pious part of speech adj
enervated part of speech adj
malleable part of speech adj
euphoria part of speech n
abomination part of speech n
disarray part of speech n
asylum part of speech n
disposition part of speech n
garrulous part of speech adj
5 key themes of romeo and juliet love, hate, fate, authority, youth and age
the montague family lord montague, lady montague, romeo, benvolio, balthasar
the capulet family lord capulet, lady capulet, juliet, tybalt, nurse, peter, sampson and gregory
extra characters mercutio, count paris, prince escalus, friar lawrence, friar john, an apothecary
love stages between romeo and juliet lust, infatuation, commitment, true love
the main theme of romeo and juliet it first and foremost is a play about LOVE
who does romeo superficially fall for first? rosaline
why are the capulet and montague families constantly fighting? nobody really knows why they’re fighting. there is no purpose.
how is romeo and juliet’s love threatened? by a society full of hate
what is a strong contrast to the hate that fills verona? the selfless love between romeo and juliet
4 reasons why was romeo and juliets fate was bound to occur? 1. the family fued, 2. the encounter with the servant who cannot read, 3. romeos arm coming between tybalt and mercutio in the fight scene, 4. friar lawrence’s letter being interrupted
romeo traits 15, sad
benvolio traits romeo’s cousin, peacemaker
who was the kid of lord and lady montague? romeo
juliet traits 13, is suppose to be with paris by moms demand because he has money
who was the kid of lord and lady capulet? juliet
tybalt traits fiery
nurse traits is very close to juliet, raised her as she was her own
mercutio traits romeos bestie
court paris traits supposed to be with juliet by lady capulet (juliet’s mom)’s orders
prince escalus traits mayor
friar lawrence traits romeos advisor
three types of plays shakespeare wrote tragedies, histories, comedies
how many plays did shakespeare write 37 plays including julius caesar, hamlet, othello, king lear, macbeth and romeo and juliet.
by 1594, what was shakespeare? shakespeare was an acclaimed actor and writer in london working with lord chamberlain’s men (an acting group)
during the early 1590’s, playhouses were shut down because of the plague. during this time, what did shakespeare focus on? he turned his attention to poetry
where is shakespeare buried? he is buried underneath the old stone floor in the chancel of holy trinity church in stratford.
why was shakespeare never moved from his original grave like the rest of the burials? he was never moved because his grave stone read that whoever moved his bones would be cursed.
what influenced how shakespeare wrote his plays? the globe, also known as the wooden o
what is romeo and juliet based off of? romeo and juliet is based off of a long narrative poem entitled “the tragicall history of romeus and juliet” by arthur brooke.
what did the english puritans believe? they believed that acting was not a noble profession, therefore women were not aloud to do any acting in shakespeares plays.
how old was shakespeare when he passed away? 52 years old

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