Introduction to Shakespeare – Romeo and Juliet Crossword

late 1500s, early 1600s When did Shakespeare live?
Grammar While attending this type of school, Shakespeare would have studied Latin and classical Roman authors.
Bubonic Plague Outbreaks of this disease often caused theaters to close in Shakespeare’s time.
The Globe This famous open-air theater where Shakespeare’s plays were performed was destroyed by fire.
Primogeniture The term used to describe a system of inheritance that passed all of a family’s wealth through the first male child.
True During Shakespeare’s time, the fact that Elizabeth I rose to the throne of England was confusing to the belief in universal hierarchy since she was “out of order.” (True/False)
False The quarto version of Shakespeare’s plays is the most accurate. (True/False)
True Due to their being on top in the social hierarchy, aristocrats feared the growing middle class. (True/False)
False Under Elizabeth I’s reign, Catholics were allowed to worship openly and were not persecuted. (True/False)
First Folio The collected edition of Shakespeare’s works
Bard Like Homer, Shakespeare is often referred to by this term.
Divine Right of Kings Elizabeth believed that she ruled with absolute supremacy because she believed in this concept, which suggested that she was appointed by God to rule England.
Blank Verse Though Shakespeare sometimes wrote in prose, he wrote most of his plays in poetry, specifically this genre of poetry.
Anglican The name of the official Protestant religion in England, established by Archbishop Thomas Cranmer.
Quarto A small, inexpensive book that gets its name from how the printer folded the paper.
Humors The term people of Shakespeare’s time would use to refer to blood, phlegm, yellow bile, and black bile. This term was also believed to determine personality and temperament.
Cosmology During Shakespeare’s time, the ________ of the universe was in question since Copernicus had not yet asserted that the sun was the center of the solar system.
Anne Hathaway The Name of Shakespeare’s wife
True Despite the fact that Shakespeare has had a huge impact on Western culture, scholars know relatively little about his life. (True/False)
Protestantism After Bloody Mary’s reign, Elizabeth I restored this type of religion to England.
Early Modern The term scholars now use instead Renaissance to refer to the Elizabethan and Jacobean eras.
Pun This literary device is essentially wordplay where the author intends to show the difference between the word’s surface meaning and what lies beneath – usually used for comic effect.
James I The name of England’s monarch when Shakespeare died
True Theatres in Shakespeare’s time were usually open-air and subject to the weather. (True/False)
False Women could only be actresses during Shakespeare’s time. (True/False)
True Because a variety of people could alter Shakespeare’s plays, printers could have used any one of them when printing a play. (True/False)

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