Introduction to Romeo and Juliet – Student Notes

Tragedy Romeo and Juliet is a _______, a play in which a main character suffers a major downfall.
1594-1596 Shakespeare wrote the play early in his career, probably between _______.
ElizabethansRomeo and JulietNovellaMatteo Bandello Like many of his plays, this one is based on a story that was well-known to ____________. Shakespeare borrowed the plot from ___________________________. Earlier versions of the story also exist including an Italian __________, or short novel, by _________________.
StiffRealistic Poetic Shakespeare showed the _______ characters of his model into ___________ people. He also told thee story in language that is uniquely his own and beautifully __________.
Popular400 Upon Shakespeare presentation of Romeo and Juliet, it was immediately ___________. Its popularity has grown through over _____ years.
SettingItalian Verona130014 centuryItaly The __________ of the play is in a northern _________ city of _________ during the _____(____ century). ________ was a favorite setting for Shakespeare’s plays.
CapuletsMontaguesRomeoJuliet A feud has raged for many years between two wealthy, powerful families – the ___________ (Juliet) and the ___________ (Romeo). This feud provides a background and a contrast to the tragic love of _________ and _________.
Love The lessons taught by _______.
LoveHostility Effect of _________ and _____________.
FateHate The influence of _________ (________).
Moderation Importance of _______________ – acting with thought and caution.
OrderGovernment Society Importance of _________, the smooth running of _______________ and __________.
Prince Esculas ________________ – Ruler of Verona
Count Paris ________________ – Relative of the Prince, suitor of Juliet
Mercutio ________________ – Relative of Paris (a Montague), Romeo’s friend
Friar Lawrence ________________ – Catholic priest and a pharmacist
Apothocary ________________ – Pharmacist
Friar John _________ – Priest
Page _____________ – Servant to Paris
Prologue A pair of star crossed lovers – _________________ (Line 6)
Mercutio True, I talk of dreams, Which are the children of an idle brain,Begot of nothing but vain fantasy – _____________, Act I, Scene IV, 68-70
Romeo But soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the East and Juliet is the sun – ________, Act II, Scene II, 2-3
Juliet O Romeo, Romeo!Wherefore art thou Romeo? – ___________, Act II, Scene II, 33
Romeo Whats in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet – ___________, Act II, Scene II 43-44
Juliet Good night! Good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I should say goodnight till it be morrow – __________, Act II, Scene 11, 184-185
Mercutio A plague a both your houses! – _____________, Act III, Scene I, 134
Romeo O, I am fortune’s fool! – _____________, Act III, Scene I, 134
Romeo Then I defy you, stars – ______________, Act V, Scene I, 24

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