Influence of King James I on Macbeth

King James I -succeeds Elizabeth I to the throne of England in 1603-was already King James VI of Scotland(Macbeth was set in Scotland)-England welcomed him because of his speedy and personal patronage-took Shakespeare and his company under his personal patronage, changing their name to the King’s Men-called frequently for their appearance at court-gave them special privileges in their public dealings-helped them with grants of money when the theater was closed b/c of the plague -was a scholar focusing on theology and political science-was well-read in literature-was a Protestant of strict faith
Beliefs of James I that impacted Macbeth -men must count on the supernatural influence of God upon their human affairs-witches and magicians were agents of the devil-the devil was permitted by God to work upon men as a punishment to the wicked and as a temptation to test the faith of the virtuous-a man faced with Satan’s temptations would be faced with a choice and on the basis of that choice he would be judged(ie. Macbeth and Banquo we so tested in the play)-God distinguished kings from ordinary men and dealt differently with them-the “divine right of kings” was ordained by God: the belief that Kings were chosen by God as His lieutenants and were formed to rule according to His will and wisdom for the well-being of the whole state(ie. In Macbeth, Malcolm is the rightful heir to the throne by “due of birth”. Also, Macbeth’s crime is viewed as a crime against God in usurping that place of His chosen rulers)
Virtuous leaders in Macbeth who are direct an esters of King James I DuncanMalcolmSiwardBanquoFleance

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