Idioms and Irony PowerPoint Handout Macbeth 3/31/15

Idiom (Noun) Any commonly word or expression that has a figurative meaning beyond the literal meaning.
Idioms that figuratively refer to death. -Kicked the bucket-Pushing up daisies-Bite the dust
Some idioms that figuratively mean “it’s easy” -A piece of cake-Easy as pie-It was a breeze-Can do it with my eyes closed-It’s not like rocket science-Child’s Play
Some idioms that come from baseball -Batting a thousand (100% perfect)-Swing for the fences (Give maximum effort)-Striking Out (Failing)-Big leagues/ Bush leagues (Pro/Amateur)-Covering your bases (Ready for anything)
Some idioms that come from Shakespeare’s Hamlet -There’s the rub (There’s the problem)-To shuffle off this mortal coil (Die)-What dreams may come (The afterlife)-Slings and arrows (To endure ones problems in life)
Shakespeare Idioms -To your hearts content (Haven’t slept in a wink)-In a pickle (You can’t decide what to do)-In my minds eye (It’s high time)
Irony (Noun) What we expect to happen versus what actually happens
Situational Irony Is when we expect one thing to happen.

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