Honors English: Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare’s Background

Shakespeare was born in the town of … Stratford-upon-Avon
Shakespeare was born in the year … 1564
Shakespeare died in the year … 1616
Shakespeare married at 18 to … Anne Hathaway
Shakespeare’s father was a glovemaker and also was elected as … Mayor
Shakespeare went to a grammar school called… King’s New School
Shakespeare wrote three types of plays which are… Tradegies, comedies, histories
The R + J plot was borrowed from… The tragical historage of Romeo and Juliet
The tragical historage of R+J was written by… Arthur Brooke
Actors were viewed as… Rogues
Elizabeth the 1sr became patron of the arts she let the actors in and also build … Theaters
The poorer people who watched a play at the Globe we’re called… Groundlings
Groundlings stood in the… Pit
Actors were apprenticed at the ages… 11-14
To say the show stank you would say… Bring on the bay leaves
The people not allowed to act were… Women
Women didn’t act because the ones who were associated with the theatre were… Prostitutes and thieves
Costumes were cast-off’s from… Nobility
Shakespeare appealed to lower classes with low-brow humor and.. Common language
Shakespeare appealed to higher classes with high-brow humor and.. Sophisticated language (verse/rhyme meter)
Rhymed couplets showed two important elements: that it was the end of the scene and… Love
Admission Prices: for the pit… 1 pence
admission prices: for the gallery… 2-4 pence
Most lines written by Shakespeare we’re written in… Iambic (pentameter) rhythm

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