Honors English Frankenstein Test!!!! Goodie!!!!

Who wrote the prologue to Frankenstein? Percy Shelley
What was the purpose of the prologue? To make it clear that Mary Shelley was not a witch and they did not believe that the content of the book could ever happen
What stories inspired the idea of writing the “ghost stories” that summer? Prometheus, Paradise Lost
What character wrote the letters? Robert Walton
How did Frankenstein’s parents meet? Alphonse knew Caroline’s father and comforted her in his death
How did Mary Shelley interject her social interests of caring for the poor in her story? The adoptions of Elizabeth and Justine
How did Mary Shelley portray the women (Caroline/Elizabeth) in chapter one? Why was this surprising? Kind and dainty; her mom was a feminist
Describe Victor’s childhood. He thought he had a really good childhood
How did Elizabeth come into the Frankenstein home? She was adopted as a childby the Frankensteins while they were on a trip to Italy
How did Frankenstein feel about Elizabeth? He loved her and looked at her as his to protect and care for
What were Victor’s social tendencies and how did he interact with friends? He didn’t have any friends other than Henry Clerval because he liked books and learning better than people
How did Victor’s interests in learning contrast Henry’s? Victor cared more about learning and less about being social
What does Victor mean when he talks about his desire to learn about science: “I find it arise, like a mountain river, from ignoble and almost forgotten sources; but, swelling as it proceeded, it became the torrent which, in its course, had swept away all my hopes and joys.” His search for knowledge is what ruined his life
Which authors and topics do Victor become obsessed with? Cornelius Agrippa and alchemy
How does Victor learn about alchemy and natural science? How does this fit with Romanticism? He read because he wanted to — even after his dad told him it was trash
How was Victor’s experience with lightning a turning point in his life? When the Lightning destroyed a tree, e learned about electricity and was interested by it
What was Victor’s destiny? To study science and be destroyed by it
What were Caroline’s hopes for Elizabeth and Victor’s future? They’d get married
What was Elizabeth’s response to Caroline’s death? She felt like she had to become the comfort and caretaker of he rest of the family
Why did Henry Clerval’s dad disapprove of education? He wanted Henry to go into the same work that he was in
What does victor mean when he states, “Chance – or rather the evil influence, the Angel of Destruction, which asserted omnipotent sway over me from the moment I turned my reluctant steps from my father’s door…” He was destined for terrible things as soon as he left his dad’s house
How does Victor interact differently with M. Kreme and M. Waldman? M. Kreme: Victor saw him as conceited and condescending M. Waldman: Victor saw him as encouraging and respectable
Why does Victor shun his friends and family while working on his creation? He isolates himself so he doesn’t have distractions
What does Victor mean when he says, “In other studies, you go as far as others have gone before you, and there is nothing more to know; but in a scientific pursuit there is continual food for discovery and wonder.” There’s always more to learn and figure out when it comes to science
What specific aspects of biology does Victor study? Natural philosophy
How does Victor think his creation will act towards him? Grateful, as a son to him
How does Victor violate his own advice when he says, “A human being in perfection ought always to preserve a calm and peaceful mind, and never to allow passion or a transitory desire to disturb his tranquility.” He let his work get the best of him — he stepped away from the rest of society to do crazy stuff
How does Victor react when his creature comes to life? He flips out and runs away
How do Victor’s dreams take on the mood of a horror story? He dreams that Elizabeth is with him but she turns into his dead mother who starts decaying in front of him
How does the passage from Coleridge’s “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” apply to Frankenstein? He’s alone in the knowledge of his creation and he feels surrounded by the monster
What was the favor Henry asked of Victor? He wants him to write to his family
What does Elizabeth say in her letter to Victor? She says they all miss him and that she wishes she could’ve taken care of him while he was sick, his dad was doing well, and s bringer was taking about joining the military
How does Justine done to live with the Frankensteins? Her mother was insane do the Frankensteins took her in
How does Victor feel after reading the letter from Elizabeth? He feels bad for not writing to them in such a long time because he realized how much they missed him
How did M. Waldman and M. Krempe speak of Victor when he and Clerval visit them? A good student and extremely intelligent
What do Victor and Henry start studying together? Oriental languages
How does Clerval affect Victor’s mood? Makes him a lot happier and closer to who he was before the monster
How does William die? He was strangled
Why does Elizabeth blame herself? She gave William the locket that was stolen off the body
How long had it been since Victor visited Geneva? 6 years
How does Victor feel about the Swiss landscape during the day with how he saw it at night? Day: welcomingNight: evil
How does the author utilize the lighting motif as Victor returns? As lighting flashes, Victor saw the shape of the monster illuminated on the mountains
How dies Victor talk himself out of going after the monster? He knew he wasn’t strong enough and he she people would think he was crazy
What does Victor believe when he tells Ernest, “The murderer discovered! Good God! How can that be? Who could attempt to pursue him? It is impossible; one night as well try to overtake the winds, or confine a mountain stream with straw.” He thinks they’ve caught the monster
What is the evidence used to charge Elizabeth with the crime? The locket
Why does Elizabeth refuse to believe that Justine is guilty? She trusts her because she’s known her for so long
Why doesn’t Victor announce the real murderer or confess to the crime? He thinks people will say he’s insane
How does the evidence against Justine build? She doesn’t have an alibi, and she doesn’t know how she got the locket
How does Elizabeth defend Justine? She tells stories of how caring Justine was and said that she wouldn’t have had to steal the locket, she could’ve just asked because that’s how much Elizabeth trusted her
Why does Victor claim he is suffering worse than the accused? He feels guilty
Why does Justine confess? She was told that if she didn’t she would go straight to hell
How did Justine receive an unfair trial? She didn’t get a lawyer, she forced into a confession, she was executed really soon after she confessed
How does Victor respond to William and Justine’s deaths? He’s emotional and moody but doesn’t do anything about it
What does Victor do at night after the rest of the family went to bed? He goes to the lane and contemplates suicide
What is the irony in Victor’s desire to “extinguish the life he had do thoughtlessly bestowed”? He wants to kill the thing he gave life to
Why does Victor say he is the true murderer? He created the thing that committed the murder that the other murder victim was accused of
How does the monster offer an ultimatum to Victor? He’ll leave Victor and his family alone if he abides by the monster’s wishes
How does the monster blame humanity for his behavior? They made him bitter because they treated him so badly
What is the monster’s chief complaint? He’s lonely
Who’s POV are chapters eleven and twelve told? The monster’s
What are the monster’s first experiences when he leaves Ingolstadt? He wandered through the woods and learned about fire, water, and food
How does the monster learn about fire? He happens upon the remnants of a small fire, burns jus hand, learns that by adding wood the fire lasts longer, and that it can be used for warmth and cooking
What does the monster learn about humanity in his first experiences with them? He’s scary to them and they’re cruel to him
Why does the monster isolate himself? He realizes he’s unwanted and unaccepted so he stops trying
Describe the family the monster observes. Old blind guy with his daughter and son
What are the observations the monster makes of the DeLaceys’ lifestyle compared to its reality? The monster thinks they’re fortunate because they have clothes, a house, food, and each other but they consider themselves poor
How does the monster help the DeLaceys? Cuts wood and shovels snow for them
How does the creature learn from the DeLaceys? Learns about music, speech, reading, and family life by observing
Why does the monster want to learn to speak? So he can communicate with people to show them that he isn’t evil
Whose arrival improves Felix’s spirits? Safie
How does Safie’s presence facilitate the creature’s ability to speak and read? The DeLaceys were teaching Safie how to do those things so the monster just listened and learned from them
How does the creature demonstrate his fear of encountering humans? He only leaves his hole at night and avoids all contact with human life
What does the creature learn about the human spirit from Volney’s Ruins of Empires? Humans can be good and evil, history, wealth and poverty, values of wealth and power
How does this knowledge make the creature ponder his place in the universe? He doesn’t have anything that humans value — beauty, wealth, power, family, companionship
How do the monster’s reflections demonstrate his innate humanity? He saw how ugly he was ad realized why everyone was so scared of him
What is the DeLaceys’ background? They were a wealthy and highly respectable family in France
What are the circumstances that caused the DeLaceys’ ruin? Safie’s father was unfairly arrested and sent to jail so Felix decided to break him out which caused them all a lot of trouble
How does Safie’s dad use Safie to ensure Felix’s assistance? He offers Safie as a reward
How did Safie want to reject the cultural expectations placed on her? She wanted to marry a Christian and make her own decisions
What is the irony in Safie’s father not wanting her to marry a Christian? He married a Christian
While Felix is in Italy courting Safie, what happened to his dad and Agatha? They’re arrested because of what Felix did then they are all decided to be guilty and are sent away
How does the creature see himself as different from Adam in Paradise Lost? Adam’s creator loved him and cared about him but his didn’t
How does knowledge heighten the creature’s frustration with his situation? He begins to understand why people are so scared of him
How does the creature think the DeLacey family will respond to his attempts of interaction? He thinks they’ll be kind to him and ignore his ugliness
What happens when the creature meets the DeLacey family? Felix walks in and attacks it
After a lot of thought, how does the monster believe he should’ve done things? What does the creature decide to as a result? He should have approached then slowly to get them to trust him Try to talk to them again
What does the creature see in the morning? What doe she decide to do as a result? Felix talking to a random guy about moving Burn down their house and go after Frankenstein
Why does the creature want to meet Victor? He thinks he’ll find companionship in Victor
How does the situation with the DeLaceys change the creature? He becomes gutter towards all human life
What happens between the monster and the drowning girl? It sees a little girl drowninf, tries to save her, and is shot in the shoulder
Why does the monster choose to kill William? It finds out that William is related to Victor
Why does the monster put the locket in Justine’s pocket? As revenge towards women because he didn’t have a female in his life
What is the demand the monster makes of Victor? He wants Victor to make a female version of himself
How does Victor first respond to the monster’s demands? He says there’s no way he would do it
How does the monster convince Victor to make him a mate? Promises he’ll leave his friends and family alone
How does the creature believe companionship will help his temperament? He says the reason he is evil is because of his loneliness
How does the monster plan to keep track of Victor’s progress? He follows Victor no matter where he goes
What are the feelings of the monster compared to that of Walton’s at the beginning of the book? They’re both very lonely
Why does Alphonse think Victor is depressed? He thinks Victor doesn’t want to marry Elizabeth anymore
Why does Victor feel like he can’t marry Elizabeth anymore? He doesn’t want to put her in direct danger of the monster so he has to make the female version first
How does Victor manipulate his father so he has the time and liberty to create the second monster? He tells his dad he wants to travel before he gets married
Why does Victor think his family will be safer if he leaves Switzerland? Because the monster will follow him instead of being near his family
How does the setting and scenery of Victor’s journey finally affect Victor’s mind and spirit? He couldn’t think about anything but the monster at first but nature started to calm him
How does Victor feel about Clerval’s friendship/companionship? He appreciates him and is grateful for him
While Clerval and Victor are in London what does Clerval do? Works on Indian trade and colonization
To what is Shelley alluding to in Victor’s assertion: “But I am a blasted tree; the bolt has entered my soul; and I felt then that I should survive to exhibit what I shall soon cease to be – a miserable spectacle of wrecked humanity, pitiable to others, and intolerable to myself”? the lightning striking a tree in his younger years
How does Victor view the process of creating a female creature? It’s torture to him
Why can’t Victor bear to hear Henry speak of Chamounix? That’s where he had a conversation with the monster
Why does Victor sometime fear for Henry’s life while on their trip? He thought the monster would attack him
What does Victor ask of Henry?What does Victor do by himself? That he would go somewhere else while Victor goes off by himself Create the second monster
How does Victor’s selection of the Orkney Islands mirror his feelings? It’s secluded and lonely
What is Victor’s emotional state as he creates the second monster? He’s disgusted and scared
What are Victor’s concerns about creating another monster? He doesn’t know what it’ll go or how violent it’ll be compared to the other monster
Why does Victor destroy the new creature? He realizes that the monster played him and that it was a terrible idea
How does the monster convert the power he thinks he holds over Victor? He says he can make Victor’s life miserable and called himself Victor’s master
What does the monster mean when he tells Victor, “I shall be with you on your wedding night.” He’s going to attack that night
How does Victor feel after the monster threatens him? He doesn’t know what to do and he’s scared
What does Victor do with the remains of the female creature? He tosses it into the sea and lets it sink
What does Victor do when he becomes tired while sailing? He falls asleep in the bottom of the boat
How does the dead body’s appearance relate to its cause of dearh? There are finger prints on the body’s neck that show it was strangled
Why do people think Victor was the murderer? People saw him by the ocean and in a boat
Who was killed? Henry Clerval
How does Victor respond after seeing Clerval’s body? How does he began early in jail? He gets really sick and depressed
How does Mr. Kirwin help Victor? Gets a nurse for him and writes to Victor’s dad
What “destiny of most horrible kind” does Victor think “hangs over him”? The monster is going to attack him
How is Victor acquitted of Clerval’s murder? He was on Orkney Island when the crime occurred and there wasn’t enough evidence against him
What is Victor’s emotional response to his acquittal? He gets depressed and suicidal again
What is the meaning of Victor telling his father, “A thousand times would I have shed my own blood, drop by drop, to have saved their lives; but I could not, my father, indeed I could not sacrifice the whole human race.” He would be done anything to save his family but he couldn’t risk the whole human race
Why does Elizabeth think Victor is troubled? She thinks he’s fallen in love with someone else
What does the monster think Victor plans to do on his wedding night? What dies Victor fail to think about? Kill him That he might kill Elizabeth
How does Victor try to protect himself from the monster? He arms himself and goes to a remote island
How does Shelley use nature to foreshadow ominous happenings at the beginnings of chapter twenty-three? A storm
How is the monster with Victor on his wedding night? He kills Elizabeth and then laughs at victor’s pain
How does Elizabeth’s death intensify Victor’s concerns for his other loved ones? He worries the monster wiki then go to Geneva and attack the remains of s family
How does the monster indirectly kill Alphonse Frankenstein? Alphonse dies of grief after Elizabeth’s death
How do Elizabeth and Alphonse’s deaths change Victor’s focus in life? He goes after the monster so it doesn’t hurt anyone else
Why doesn’t the magistrate think he can do anything to help Victor’s situation? He says the monster is too strong and fast to be caught by humans
How does Victor’s comment that the creature “may be hunted like the camois, and destroyed as a beast of prey” relate to his perception of the creature? He hates the creature so much that he is determined to destroy it
Where does Victor go and why? Over sea to the Arctic to track the monster
Hoe does Victor Venice he is being guided by a “spirit of good”? He believes his dead family was protecting him and guiding him
How did Victor and the creature’s roles reverse? The creature tracked Victor at the beginning of the book but now Victor tracks the creature through the arctic
Why does the creature leave behind hints on his trail? To show that he was in charge of the game
What does the monster mean when he tells Victor, “My reign is not yet over… You live, and my power is complete”? It knows Victor is on his tracks and that will stay in control as long as Victor stays alive
What is the monster’s state of mind and how he views humans while on his journey? He sees them all as his enemies
Evaluate Victor’s sanity and ability to make rational decisions as he pursues the creature. He goes with his gut and doesn’t think much through the journey
What natural event threatens Victor’s safety? Ice
Why are Safie and Felix’s letters important to Walton? They’re proof that victor’s stories were true
What were the issues aboard Walton’s ship? The crew wanted to overthrow Walton so they could turn around away from the ice
How did Walton spend most of his time once Victor boarded? He spent his time listening to Victor’s story and writing it down
Summarize frankenstein’s speech to the crew. He tells them to keep going and to be brave as they finished their journey
How does Victor’s speech parallel his quest for the creature? He tried to continue to follow the monster even as he became sick and began dying
Why does Walton decide to take the ship south? To avoid mutiny of his crew
Why is this statement by Victor surprising? – “In a fit of enthusiastic madness I created a rational creature, which was bound toward him, to assure, as far as was in my power, his happiness and well-being.” He never tried to make the monster happy or attempedt to take care of the monster
Who does Walton grind with Victor? The monster
How does the monster feel once Victor is dead? It pities Victor and feels bad that he tortured him so he mourns for Victor
Examine the creature’s belief, “I was the slave, not the master, of an impulse which I detested, yet could not disobey.” He means that he couldn’t help how evil he had been — that when he was hurting people, he hated it, but couldn’t do anything to stop it

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