Honors English 10-Short Answer Study Guide Questions- the crucible

“so now they and their church found it necessary to deny any other sect its freedom, lest their new jerusalem can be defiled and corrupted by wrong and deceitful ideas.” what is the irony in this statement? they were persecuted but now they’re persecuting others
explain how to witch-hunt years were a time of “general revenge.” it was the perfect chance to get back at your enemy
identify tituba, abigail, and betty tituba: slave to reverend parris, conjures the dead, comes from barbados / abigail: lives with reverend parris, affair with john proctor / betty: 10 years old, playing witch
why does mrs. putnam believe there are witches in salem? 8 out of her 9 children died and the one who survived is bewitched
why is thomas putnam bitter? putnam nominated someone for preacher but was denied
parris says, “oh, abigail, what proper payment for my charity! now i am undone!” what does that mean? he has let her live with him but she betrayed him bu having an affair
what is mary’s argument to abby? mary tried to deny ties with witches but abby wouldn’t let her
describe proctor farmer, affair with abigail, sinner, tall, handsome
what happened between abigail and john proctor prior to the opening of the play? an affair
what was the “sign” that betty was bewitched? she can’t bear to hear the name of the lord
identify francis and rebecca nurse francis: unofficial judge, wealthy, well-liked / rebecca nurse: says leave children be, francis’s wife
explain the political relationship between the putnam and nurse families battle of land
what did rebecca do to betty? nothing, she calms her down
what is rebecca’s explanation for the girls’ behavior? they’re being children
“there are wheels within wheels in this village and fires within fires.” explain. two faces to every story
what is proctor’s reason for his not regularly attending church? preacher only talks about hell and mortgages
what does parris want? firewood and more money
giles says, “think on it now, it’s a deep thing, and dark as a pit.” to what is he referring literally and symbolical? hell, the devil
what do putnam and proctor argue about? what does this show? the trees
who is reverend john hale, and why does he come to salem? called to help find witch, he just found witch in his old town so they thought he was a professional
hale says “they [the books] must be [heavy]; they are weighted authority.” what is the significance of this remark? god gives his books glory
to what did tituba confess? why? confesses to conspiring with the devil

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