Head: Portrait, Lighthouse, Macbeth, Hamlet, Hamlet Vocab

Greaves Leg armor worn beneath the knee
Refectory Room where meals are served
Soutane A long cassock worn by Catholic Priests
Scullion A kitchen servant
Catafalque A platform on which a coffin rests on during a funeral
Sacristy A room in a church housing sacred vessels
Surplice A loose fitting ecclesiastical gown worn over a cassock
Censer A vessel in which incense is burned
Monstrance A vessel in which the consecrated host is exposed
Salubrious Favorable to health
Pedantic Characterized by making show of one’s learning
Garrulous Tiresomely talkative
Desuetude State of disuse
Sodality A fellowship or fraternity
Calumnious Slanderous or defamatory
Parricide The killing of one’s father
Raiment Clothing; garments
Plenipotentiary A person invested with full power to transact business
Ordure Excrement
Rictus A gaping grin or grimace
Ciborium A covered receptacle holding the Eucharist and consecrated wafer.
Supererogation The act of performing more than is required by duty
Canticle A hymn or song from the Bible
Vesture Something that cloaks or covers
Cerement A burial garment
Execration A curse
Hoydenish Characteristic of a girl of saucy behavior
Inanition Exhaustion
Ferule An instrument used in punishing children
Decollation The act of beheading
Ermine A rank whose official robe is ornamented with the white fur of a weasel
Prolegomena A preliminary discussion, especially a formal essay introducing a work
Blandishment A word or act of expressive affection; soft words and artful caresses
Somnolence Sleepiness
Prig A person who demonstrates exaggerated propriety in an irritating manner
Cyclamen A plant from the primrose family that has showy flowers
Imputation The act of charging or attributing
Asphodel The flowers of Hades and the dead
Cairn A mound of stones erected as a landmark
Fecundity Fruitfulness or fertility
Metaphysician One who examines the fundamental nature of reality and being
Portentous Of ominous significance
Impetuosity The quality of being impulsive and passionate
Pother A commotion or disturbance
Puerile Juvenile
Conclave A private meeting or secret assembly
Crepuscular Of or resembling twilight
Incorrigible Incapable of being corrected or reformed
Vouchsafe To grant as a privilege or special favor
Equanimity The quality of being calm and even-tempered
Rubicund Having a healthy reddish color
Ascetic Self-denying and austere
Cataract A large or high waterfall
Lugubrious Mournful, dismal or gloomy
Arabesque An elaborate or intricate pattern
Plover A shore-inhabiting bird
Perambulator A baby carriage
Valediction An act of bidding farewell
Wheedle To persuade or entice by flattery or guile
Gambol To leap about playfully
thane a feudal lord/baron in Scotland
liege a feudal superior to whom allegiance/service are due
compunctious having a strong sense of uneasiness caused by guilt
husbandry the control/judicious use of resources
prate to talk idly and at length
surfeited fed beyond capacity
posset a spiced drink of hot milk curdled with wine or ale
Incarnadine to make blood red
equivocate to be deliberately ambiguous in order to mislead
Countenance to extend approval to
Suborn to induce a person to commit evil
Benison a blessing
Buffet a blow, especially one with the hand
Avouch to confirm or corroborate
Vizard a visor or mask
nonpareil a person or thing without equal
chough a crow-like bird
fenny marshy or boggy
farrow a litter of pigs
gibbet a gallows
pernicious causing great harm
avaricious immoderately desirous of wealth
foison a plentiful harvest
interdiction authoritative prohibition
niggard a covetous and stingy person
upbraid to criticize severely
purgative tending to cleanse or purge
harbinger an indication of the approach of someone or something
bruit to spread news of
palter talk or act misleadingly
moiety a half, a portion or share
auspicious attended by favorable circumstances
delate to carry abroad
suspiration a long, deep breath
satyr a goatlike woodland creature with a fondness for revelry
truncheon a short stick or staff
importunity an insistent or pressing demand
chary discreetly cautious
dalliance playful flirtation
traduce to expose or shame by falsehood or misrepresentation
doublet a man’s close-fitting jacket worn in Renaissance Europe
brevity shortness of duration
declension a decline or decrease
arras a tapestry
consonancy agreement or harmony
appurtenance something added to another, more important thing
carbuncles a painful bacterial infection of the skin that oozes pus
bodkin a dagger or stiletto
orison a prayer
cozen to mislead by petty trick or fraud
cicatrice a scar
unction an ointment or oil
pate the crown of the head
mazzard the jaw, head, or skull
sexton a church employee who takes care of the church property
bilboes leg shackes
perdition eternal damnation
verity the quality of being true or real
poniards a dagger typically having a square or triangular blade
edify to instruct so as to encourage intellectual or moral improvement

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