Hamlet Vocabulary Review- Crossword Puzzle

pestilent harmful or deadly (not pernicious)
paragon the highest and best example of something
libertine wilt chamberlain, and apparent ________, claimed to have slept with thousands of women
wanton jezebel was a famously immoral and ________ woman from the Old Testament
orisons kaddish, the lord’s prayer, are all examples of __________
countenance to give official approval
cacumny libelous gossip designed to damage one’s reputation
harbinger rats leaving the ship were a ________ of its eventual sinking
prodigal the ______ son is the story of a young man’s wastefulness and eventual forgiveness
scourge any cause of widespread suffering
impious lacking reverence for god or religion
quintessence the most essential part of something
censure to pass official judgment on someone
pernicious harmful or deadly (not pestilent)
requite he loved her, but she didnt ______ his feelings
truncheon a weapon
obsequious i couldnt stand his brown-nosing, _______ behavior
arras polonius hides behind an ________ in the queens bedroom where hamlet kills him
usurp the devious plotter planned to _____ the crown which didn’t belong to him
beguile the serpent ______ed Eve into eating the forbidden fruit

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