Hamlet Vocabulary – Entire play

assail to attack with arguments
portentous that warns of evil; ominous
privy privately informed of
invulnerable that cannot be injured
auspicious a good omen for the future
obstinate unyielding to reason or plea; stubborn
impious lacking reverence or respect for God, a parent, or other authority
imminent likely to happen soon; threatening
precepts commandments or principles meant to serve as rules of conduct
pernicious highly destructive; causing ruin
piteous evoking or deserving pity or compassion
perusal the act of examining in detail; scrutiny
brevity expression in a few words; shortness of time
satirical making fun of something or someone in order to point out a truth
contrive think up or plan; bring about
pestilent fatal; deadly
visage the face, especially the facial expression
turbulant full of disorder; violently stirred up
insolence the quality of being boldly disrespectful in speech or conduct
torrent a violent, rushing stream; a flood of words, mail, etc.
temperance the quality of being moderate or self-restrained in conduct
judicious showing good judgement; wise and careful
clemency leniency or mercy, especially toward an enemy
primal first; original
conjoined brought together; combined
discord lack of harmony; conflict
gleaned collected or found out gradually
conjectures theories or predictions based on guesses
incensed made extremely angry; infuriated
exploit a deed or act, especially a bold, daring, or heroic deed
diligence painstaking attention to a task; careful effort
perdition eternal damnation
germane relevant to the matter at hand; to the point
palpable that can be touched or felt; definite
felicity happiness; joy

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