Hamlet Vocabulary – Act III

contumely contempt
insolence of office disrespect of officials to those under them
spurns rejections
patient merit deserving people who suffer quietly
calumny slander
sovereign supreme, self-governing
trippingly moving lightly and briskly
as lief as readily, as willingly
town crier one who travels through the streets of towns at night calling out the hours and enforcing the curfew
temperance: moderation
pomp vain display (here: those in power who seek to make an impressive display of their wealth and position
mistress of her choice able to choose
election choice
unkennel reveal itself (as a dog coming out of a kennel)
capons castrated roosters
Hymen the Roman god of marriage
vouchsafe to condescend to grant
distemp’red in a bad mood
choler bodily fluid thought to cause anger when in excess
purgation the elimination of poison in the body
weal health
mortised to fasten securely
fetters chains
arras wall-hanging, tapestry
meet fitting
partial favoring one side over another
gilded covered with gold
sinews the source of vitality or strength
passage [to heaven]
physic medicine
heaven-kissing hill metaphor: a mountain
thralled enslaved
cozened tricked
mutine mutiny, rebel (a verb)
matron mature woman
cutpurse thief
diadem: crown
chide criticize
whet sharpen
vacancy emptiness
portal gate
coinage creation (as the state mints coins)
ecstasy madness
assume a virtue take on the appearance of virtue
abstinence not partaking of sex
famous ape the ape in the well-known story
hoist lifted (blown up by the bomb)
delve dig
prating speaking nonsense

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