Hamlet Vocabulary

Portentous full of unspecifiable significance, exciting wonder and awe
invulnerable immune to attack, impregnable, impossible to damade, injure, or wound
malicious deadly, destructive
filial The relationship of a child or offspring to a parent
prodigal Rashly or wastefully extravagent
vow An earnest promise
pernicious Spiteful
ambiguous Open to more than one interpretation
afflict To inflict grievous physical or mental suffering on
Discretion Ability or power to decide responsibly
Entreat To make an earnest request of
Beseech To address an earnet or urgent request to; implore
Contrive To plan with cleverness or ingenuity
Paragon A model of excellence or perfection of a kind
Apurtenance Something added to another,more important thing; an appendage
Epitaph An inscription on a tombstone in memory of the one buried there
commingled blended
knavish untrustworthy, dishonest
contagion harmful or corrupting influence
sinews tendons, muscles
visage the face or facial expression
piteous demanding or arousing pity
scourge A means of inflicting severe suffering, vengeance, or punishment
divulging becoming known
discord tension or strife
replication a reply to an answer, a rejoinder
convocation assembly
imminent about to occur, impending
superfluous being beyond what is required or sufficient
abatements reductions in amount, degree, or intensity
base the lowest or bottom part
churlish difficult to work with
conjuration influence or effect by a supernatural power
perdition loss of the soul; eternal damnation
extolment high praise
aloof distant physically or emotionally
felicity great happiness; bliss
carnal of or relating to the body or flesh; bodily

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