Hamlet – Vocab Words Act 4

Apprehension Definition: anxiety or fear about the futureSynonym; alarm, disquiet, doubt, dread, foreboding, misgiving, mistrustAntonym: belief, calm, calmness, certainty, confidence
Countenance Definition: Facial expressionSynonym; demeanor, mien, visage, aspect, biscuit, cast, expression, face, featuresAntonym;
Divulging Definition: Becoming knownSynonym; admit, blab, communicate, disclose, give away, leak, publish, revealAntonym; conceal, cover, hide, keep, suppress, withhold, protect, secrete
Provocation Definition: Making someone angry or violentSynonym; affront, harassment, indignity, insultAntonym; compliment
Conspiracies Definition: An evil and unlawful plan developed in secret by a group of peopleSynonym; plot, scheme, sedition, treasonAntonym; faithfulness
Convocation Definition: A group united for a particular purposeSynonym; confabAntonym; –
Convayance Definition: means of moving, especially a vehicleSynonym; car, carriage, communication, machine, movement, transfer, transference, transmission, transportationAntonym; hold, possesion
quarrel Definition: ContentiousSynonym; altercation, argument, bickering, brawl, controversy, difference, difference of opinion, discord, dispute, dissensionAntonym; accord, agreement, calm, concord, concurrence, harmony, order, peace, quiet
Unwholesome Definition: dishonest or indecentSynonym; baneful, corrupt, decayed, deleterious, detrimentalAntonym; healthful, nutritious, proper, seemly, wholesome
Pestilent Definition: Filled with disease; contagiousSynonym; baneful, contagious, contaminating, corrupting, deadly, deleterious, destructive, detrimental, diseased, evilAntonym;
impiteous Definition: pitiless; cruel; mercilessSynonym; ardent, impulsive Antonym; calm, cautious
Divinity Definition: A god or goddess; a divine beinSynonym; deity, sanctity, goddess Antonym; devil, evil
Remembrance Definition: An object that keeps a memory of something aliveSynonym; reminiscence Antonym; forgetfulness
Scourge (v.) To whip, punish severely; (n.) A cause of affliction or suffering; a source of severe punishment or criticismSynonym – curse, pest, terror Antonym – reward, advantage
Discord (adj.) disagreeable in sound, jarring; lacking in harmony, conflictingSynonym – disharmony, dissonance, tumult Antonym – accord, agreement, concord

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