Hamlet Vocab Used in Sentences

abated The flood waters _____ [past tense] after 40 days of rain.
abridged Some companies publish _____ [past tense] versions of novels.
adulterated The cops were concerned that the drugs might have been ________ [past tense] intentionally
afoot The eclipse made people thing something bizarre was ______.
aloof The woman remained ____ throughout the party and separated herself from everyone else.
ambiguous Finding an ______ test question is frustrating b/c I don’t know which one to choose.
qntiquated We cannot afford to have an _____ military force.
apprehended Fortunately the police ___ [past tense] who stole my TV.
ardot His ___ for the revolution cooled off during the course of the war.
auguries Several _____ [plural] were revealed to Caesar before his death.
auspicious Making an “A” on the test was an ______ way to begin the year.
baseness We were shocked at the ______ of the criminal.
beguiled We sometimes allow ourselves to be _____ by flatterers [past tense]
bestial The ______ traits of the man were offensive to refined ladies
boisterous The ____ child was running through the store screaming and laughing.
brazen Pinching that woman was a very ____ act.
bulwark Nuclear arms are our ____ against invasion
carnal The man’s ___ actions prompted his dismissal from the social gathering
celestial Stars are ____ bodies.
censured The congressman was _____ [past tense] for taking a bribe.
chary He is _____ when he meets a stranger.
chaste The king insisted that his future bride should be ______.
chided I was _____ [past tense] by my teacher for not finishing my homework.
circumscribed The triangle _____ [past tense] the circle.
circumvent The witness tried unsuccessfully to ____ the subject.
clamor The _____ finally subsided after the children went to bed.
clemency Governors are usually allowed to grant ____ to deserving prisoners.
communal Vanderbilt residence halls have ______ bathrooms.
compliance We intend to be in full ______ with the court order.
conceited Kanye West is very ________ [past tense] and has no humility.
confounded I am ________[past tense] by 3rd-year calculus.
conjecture The theory that the scientist offered was only a matter of _______
consonant The man’s reserved behavior was _______ [drop -ce add -t] with his personality
convocation We always start the college fall semester with a general ______
corrupt Drug dealers deliberately try to _____ young children
crave During the man’s diet, he began to ____ sweets
dearth The _____ of water in the arid country led to numerous deaths
dexterous The machine shop advertised for a ____ worker
dilligent The students in the AP course were always ____ with completely their homework.
dirge The music was so morose and solemn that it sounded like a _____
discord There is a lot of ____ in the nation over the issue of abortion
discretion The judge has wide _______ in the bail he sets.
dispatched The officer _____[ed] his troops to the scene of the crime.
divination The prophet was known for his accuracy in ________
dross Separating gold from the _____ by and is backbreaking labor
ecstacy The music was so beautiful that it put the crowd into a state of ________
edifying Visiting the cathedral was an _______ experience
emulate He has a lot of fine qualities that I try to _____
enmity I have a lot of _______ for people that provide illegal drugs to children.
entreaty The lawyer made a lengthy _____ to the jury before they retired to chambers.
epitaph She wants to write her own _____ before she dies.
equivocal His speech was difficult to understand because of all his ______ statements.
esteem The people held their leader in the highest _______.
extant Although his books are illegal, many are ____ and available on the black market.
extol The teacher would always ____ students who got top scores on the exam.
felicitous Her marriage was a ______ occasion
felling By ______ Goliath, David became famous
fertile The ____ soil was ready for planting
fetter In Beloved, schoolteacher tried to _____ his slaves after they ran away
flourished The company ______[past tense] under a new board of directors.
forbearance Because he is so young, we must have forbearance in dealing with him.
forestalled The sandbag ______ the advance of the water
fret You should not ____ over things you can’t control
fruitless It is _____ to try to finish this project today
galling It was a ______ experience to have my boyfriend ask another girl to the prom
gambol The child laughed with glee as he began to ____ around the room
germane The judge ruled that the testimony was ____ to the trial so it was allowed to be entered into record
gilded The walls of the Newport mansions were _______.
gracious My mother was always ____ regardless of the situation
grate Her irritating comments _____ on my nerves.
gratis The ____ appearance of the artist allowed more funds for the charity ball because they didn’t have to pay him.
gravity The ___ of the situation was heightened by the death of the president.
grievous You made a _______ error when you spoke to your parents in such a horrible fashion.
harbinger Thick fur on a wooly worm is a _____ of a cold winter.
heed People who do not ____ the warnings of the hurricane may die
heralded The approaching event was ______by the newspapers
hideous Some characters in the horror movie had _____ faces
homage The people went to pay ____ to their respected leader
hues The rainbow has many ______
husband A farmer must ____ his animals if they are to remain healthy
hypocrite Saying one thing and then doing the other is the mark of a _____
impetuous His _____ behavior caused him to make many mistakes
Incorporeal The man was horrified by the _____ sights he saw in the haunted house
infallible Since everyone makes mistakes, no human is _____
influence Because he has so much _____ with the President, his friendship should be sought.
ingenuity He showed much _____ in his unique way of solving the problem
insolence His _____ and lack of respect for his mother are shocking
inter After the funeral the body was _____
jaded _____ with the hedonistic life of a playboy, he decided to look for a more altruistic existence.
lament She _____ the death of her father in a very lachrymose manner.
lecher The young woman was repulsed by the unwanted sexual advances of the _____
loathe The fact that I _____ your brother does not mean that we cannot be friends.
malicious The _____ boy burned down the school.
melancholy After Dad lost his job, he fell into a state of _____
mettle A crisis like this would test anyone’s _____
mirth The part was a source of _____ and gaiety
musty The old house was pervaded by an offensive, _____ odor.
mutinous The crew grew _____ because they thought they might sail right off the edge of the earth
oblivion Until the singer’s recent hit, his career had fallen into a state of _____
obscure Because the meaning of the play was _____, I was able to enjoy it.
obsequious I believe that his _____ behavior towards his grandmother is to ensure being included in the will.
obstinate He will not accept advice on many things because of his _____ attitude
ominous The _____ clouds were harbingers of the tornado
ostentatious The _____ socialite wore her mink fur coat even during the warmest days of August.
palpable I do not see how I overlooked such a _____ miscalculation
paradoxical It is _____ that a man from the South, Lyndon Johnson, led the fight for the passage of a civil rights bill
paragon the minister was a _____ of virtue in all his affairs
parch the fruit was _____ from staying in the sun so long
partisan the cause was supported by a small group of _____
peevish with a _____ gesture, Jane slammed the book shut.
perdition The church warns against pursuing hedonistic and worldly things and risking eternal _____
pernicious shooting heroin is a _____ habit
peruse My lawyer says he has not had time to _____ the contract
pithy Due to great demands on his time, the President needs memos that he must read to be _____
plausible We need someone to develop a _____ solution to this problem.
ponderous the _____ furniture was hard to move, and thus became a burden.
portent the stock market crash was a _____ of the coming of a depression
potent They gave me a _____ pain killer to stop the throbbing sensation in my leg
prate we want a speaker who will talk of important issues, not one who will _____ about himself
precept A favorite _____ by which many people live is “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”
precursor a good education is usually a _____ to finding a good job
prodigal the _____ son squandered his inheritance
profane _____ language will not be tolerated on the tennis court
prologue the play had a _____ that set the scene ofr the opening act.
promontory a _____ is an ideal place to build a lighthouse
quaint When we go to New England, we like to stay in a _____ old inn that gives us the flavor of the area.
rant he _____ constantly about how everyone was out to get him
ratify In the United States, a treaty must be _____ by to-thirds of the Senate in order to take effect
rebellion the _____ was led by those who objected to taxation with no representation
reconcile the family will never be the same until Mom and Grandma _____ their differences
relish I _____ the thought of graduating high school and getting out on my own
replicate I always try to _____ the moves of my tennis pro when I am taking a lesson
requite The girl suffered a broken heart from un-_____ love
resolute The business was run by a _____ man who set his mind on a goal and followed through with it.
rhapsodize He felt his Super Bowl trip was the greatest thing since the wheel and _____ about it for weeks
sanctify a priest _____ water by blessing it
searing one could easily die in the _____ heat of the Mojave desert.
sentinel the oak trees hovered over the house as _____
shrill the _____ sounds of the sirens pierced the night
sovereign the king is _____ within his country
spurn the woman had always viewed the man with disdain and would ____ his attempts at friendship forever
stately the general’s funeral procession was _____ as it wound through the streets of the city
summon I am frightened because I have been _____ to the principal’s office
superflous The meeting lasted so long because of many _____ comments by some of the speakers
tempestuous the mayoral candidates had a _____ debate in which they exchanged many personal accusations
traducer after hearing the gossip, the woman confronted the _____ face to face to stop the vicious slander.
trivia the English teacher is looking for substance, not _____ in themes.
turbulence there is a lot of _____ during a hurricane
upshot the _____ of the riot is that some are dead, and many are wounded
usurp the younger son tried to _____ the throne from the rightful heir
valid I found his reasons _____, and I accepted his statement
vanquished Hitler’s armies _____ Poland with aid from Russia
virtuous one would expect a nun to be very _____
vouchsafe I can _____ you a large return on your investment
vulgarity She chose to ignore the _____ of his crude remark
vulnerable A fighter is _____ if he does not keep up his guard
wan I knew that something very serious was wrong by his _____ appearance
wanton He had to drop out of the presidential race when his _____ behavior was exposed
warranted the jury felt that the death penalty was warranted because of the heinous nature of the crime
whets the smell of fresh bread always _____ my appetite
woe the _____ she suffered at his death continued through months of depression.

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