Hamlet Vocab AP Lit

Accord Definition: To bring into agreement Synonyms: Reconcile, consent
Canon Definition: Regulation decreed by church councilSynonym: Rule
Conjure Definition: To summon by invocation or incantation Synonyms: Invoke, enchant
Consonancy Definition: Harmony or agreement among components; recurrent sounds in words Synonyms: balance, unity, symmetry, symphony
Countenance Definition: The face as an indication of moodSynonyms: Bearing, demeanor
Fain Definition: Happy Synonym: Pleased
Firmament Definition: The vault or arch of the sky Synonym: Heavens
Fretted Definition: OrnamentedSynonym: Decorated
Impious Definition: Lacking in reverence or proper respectSynonym: Profane
Jocune Definition: High spiritsSynonyms: Merry, cheerful, jolly
Mirth Definition: Gladness or gaiety shown by accompanying laughterSynonym: Merriment
Obstinate Definition: Perversely adhering to an opinionSynonym: Bullheaded
Perusual Definition: Examine or study with attention to detailSynonym: Inspection
Precept Definition: A command or principle intended as a rule of actionSynonym: Law
Prodigal Definition: To squander by extravaganceSynonym: Profligate
Promontory Definition: High point of land or rock projecting into waterSynonym: Projection
Quintessence Definition: The essence of a thing in its purest formSynonym: Epitome
Rhetoric Definition: The art of speaking or writing effectively Synonym: Eloquence
Visage Definition: Face, countenanceThesaurus: Appearance

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