Hamlet Vocab: Act 5

straight straightaway, immediately
crowner coroner
wittingly deliberately
argal a mistake for Latin ergo, therefore
goodman a form of address prefixed, as here, to the name of an occupation
‘quest inquest
count’nance legal approval
even-Christian fellow Christians
unyoke i.e., quit, as a farmer does when he unyokes his team of oxen
Marry a mild oath (see note to 1.3.98?)
Mass by the Mass (another mild oath)
behove benefit
meet suitable
jowls dashes
o’erreaches gets the better of
chapless without a lower jaw (See picture, below.)
maxard head (a slang term)
loggets a game played by throwing pieces of wood at a stake
quiddities hair-splitting definitions
quillities subtle distinctions, quibbles
tenures holdings
suffer allow
sconce head (a slang term)
indentures contracts
conveyances deeds
inheritor owner
sirrah term of address to a lower-class male
quick living
quick quickly moving
absolute precise
picked affected
pocky rotten, as if infected with syphilis
fancy imagination
chapfallen without the lower jaw, dejected
favor appearance
Alexander Alexander the Great, who died in 323 B.C.E. as ruler of the known world
curiously elaborately
modesty moderation, reserve
Imperious imperial; majestic
expel keep out
flaw gust of wind
maim├ęd impaired, diminished
Fordo destroy
mark observe
doubtful suspicious
For instead of
Shards bits of pottery
crants garlands
strewments flowers strewn on a grave
howling i.e., in hell
decked adorned, arrayed
Pelion a high mountain on which, in Greek mythology, the giants placed Mount Ossa in their attempt to scale Mount Olympus
skyish lofty
splenitive quick-tempered
thou’t thou wilt
Woo’t wilt thou
eisel vinegar
quick alive
mouth orate pompously
disclosed hatched
thereby often replaced by F’s “shortly”
anon soon
mutinies mutineers
bilboes shackles
indiscretion impulsive action
pall lose strength
learn teach
Fingered stole
Larded ornamented
bugs bugbears
Or before
fair in the clear hand of a clerk
yeoman’s substantial; loyal
effect substance
tributary a nation that pays tribute to another nation (In this passage -lines 43-52- Hamlet parodies the formal language he used in writing the new commission)
ordinant working to control events
signet small seal
model replica
changeling exchange (As the fairies substituted elves or imps for human babies, so Hamlet has replaced the king’s document with his own forged one.)
defeat destruction
insinuation winding themselves into the affair
baser inferior
pass thrust
fell destructive
points i.e, swords
election See longer note, page 294
hopes expectations
angle fishhook
proper very
quit requite, pay back
canker sore that eats and spreads; cancer
In into
bravery boastful showiness
waterfly an iridescent insect
crib stall of an ox
mess i.e., table (literally, regular eating companions)
chough i.e, jackdaw (a chattering bird, and thus a chatterer)
indifferent somewhat
complexion temperament
differences distinguishing characteristics
continent container, receptacle
definement definition
perdition loss
nomination naming
all’s all his
would wish
approve commend
imputation reputation
meed merit
unfellowed unmatched
poniards daggers (See picture, page 272)
assigns accessories
girdle, hangers and so sword belt, attaching straps, and so forth
carriages literally, wheeled supports on which cannons are mounted
responsive well matched
liberal conceit imaginative design
laid bet
foils weapons blunted for fencing
an if
commend offer (The word also means “praise,” as Hamlet takes it at lines 196-197.)
drossy worthless
tune manner of speaking
gaingiving misgiving
repair coming
betimes early
needs necessarily
sore severe, grave
exception dislike, dissatisfaction
purposed intended
voice authority
frankly freely, willingly
play fence
union large pearl
kettle kettledrum
without outside
napkin handkerchief
carouses drinks a toast
pass thrust
woodcock a proverbially stupid bird
union probable pun on union as “pearl” (See note to line 291.) and union in marriage and death
tempered mixed, compounded
mutes actors without speaking parts
o’ercrows triumphs over
voice vote
Colors those carrying the flags or standards of Fortinbras’s army
toward in preparation
senseless incapable of sensing
him i.e., Claudius
stage platform
casual occurring by chance
deliver tell
presently immediately
passage passing, death
field field of battle

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