Hamlet Vocab: Act 3, Scene 2

Robustious Noisy
Groundlings Spectators who stood in the theater yard rather than in their seats
Capable of Able to appreciate
Termagant A figure who medieval Christians wrongly believed was worshipped by Muslims
Herod Herod of Judea
Modesty Moderation
From Opposite to
Playing Acting
His Its
Pressure Shape
The unskillful Those lacking judgement
Allowance Estimation
Christians Respectable human beings
Journeymen Hirelings who work for daily wage
Indifferently Pretty well
Clowns Comic roles
Of them Some of them
Barren Unintelligent, dull
Question Matter, subject, topic
Presently Immediately
Revenue Accent on the second syllable
Pregnant Ready (to bend)
Thrift Profit
Dear Highly prized
Election Choice
Blood Emotions, passions
Commeddled Mixed together
Pipe Small wind instrument (flute)
Sound Play
Stop A hole where you place your finger to produce a sound on a pipe
Comment Observation
Occult end Deliberately hidden
Unkennel A term describing the driving of a fox from its lair
Censure of Forming opinion about
Seeming Appearance, behavior
Idle Out of one’s mind
Fares Does
Now Now that I’ve spoken them
Played Acted onstage
Within’s Within this
Black Mourning garments
The hobby-horse A character in morris dance
Belike Perhaps
Imports Makes known
Argument Plot
Naught Naughty
Mark Pay attention to
Hymen God of marriage
Commutual Mutual
Of late Lately
Haply Perhaps
Confound Destroy
Wormwood Bitter, harsh
Instances Causes
Move Prompt
Thrift Worldly profit
Validity Vigor
Enactures Enactments
Aye Ever
Down Fallen in esteem
Mark Notice
Favorite Chosen companion
Flies Deserts him
Hitherto Thus far
Try Test
Ends Outcome, result
Fain Gladly
Beguile While away
Rock Soothe
Methinks It seems to me
Argument Plot
Marry A mild oath
How How are we to understand this name
Tropically As a trope, a figure of speech
Anon Soon
Knavish Impertinent
Free Innovent
Withers Ridge between the horse’s shoulders
Unwrung Not chafed
A Chorus A character who tells the audience what they are about to see
Else Otherwise
Blasted Cursed
Watch Stay awake
Feathers Worn on actors’ hats
Razed Slashed decoratively
Damon Renowned for the depth of his friendships for phythias
Dismantled Stripped
Jove King of the roman gods
Pajock Possible “peacock”
Rhymed The obvious rhyme is ass
Recorders Wind instruments
Perdy From the French “par dieu” (by god)
Retirement Withdrawal into seclusion
Distempered Upset
Choler Biliousness
Signify Announce
Purgation Medical cleansing
Frame Order
Start Shy away
Wholesome Sane
Pardon Permission to depart
Admiration Wonder
Closet Private chamber
Trade Lower class occupations
Venatages Finger holes, or stops of a recorder
Compass Full range of an musical instrument or limits/scope
Organ Musical instrument
‘Sblood Strong oath
Fret Annoy or torment or provide a stringed instrument with frets
Presently Immediately
Fool Trifle with
Soft Wait a minute
Nero Murder of his mother

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