Hamlet Vocab

Assay Synonym: Examine(v) to audit or inspect for value
augment synonym: Increase(v) To expand on or add to
beguile synonym: charm (v) To hypnotize or enchant
conceit synonym: arrogance(n) an excessively favorable opinion of one’s own ability, importance, wit
Confute synonym: invalidate(v) to prove to be false, invalid
congeal synonym: condense(v) to change from a soft or fluid state to a rigid or solid state,
diligence synonym: careconstant and earnest effort to accomplish what is undertaken
discourse synonym: essaycommunication of thought by words; talk;
doublet synonym: duo(n) pair of things
emulation synonym: copying(n) imitation
gorged synonym: devour(v) eat voraciously
hectic synonym: chaotic(n) frantic, turbulent
indulgence synonym: gratifying (n)luxury; gratification
kindle synonym: blaze(v) to start a fire
manifold synonym: assorted(adj) abundant, many
countenance synonyms: features(n) appearance, usually of the face
mirth synonyms: amusement(n) great joy
mitigate synonyms:appease(v) check, diminish, lighten
moiety synonyms: affiliation(n) subdivision
obsequious synonyms: complacent(adj) groveling, submissive
offal synonyms: debris(n) garbage
partisan synonyms: biased(adj) interested, factional
pate synonyms: brain(n) head
posterity synonyms: descendants(n) future generations
quagmire synonyms:dilemma(n) bad situation
retrograde synonyms: worsening(adj) reverting
rivals synonyms: antagonist(n) person who opposes in compeition
rouse synonyms: awaken(v) wake
sharked synonyms: entrust(v) loan, accomodate, lend
sheeted synonyms: showered(v) pour, be or make flowing
sinews synonyms: power(n) strength
suspiration synonyms: sigh(n) an utterance made by exhaling audibly
tenable synonyms: arguable(adj) reasonable
vaunt synonyms: brag(v) exhibit
wit synonyms: banter(n) humor

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