Hamlet Video Quiz Part 2

What are the 3 parts or movements in the play? ghost story, detective story, revenge story
How did Elizabethans view Gertrude’s marriage to Claudius? incesctious sin
What is the climax of the ghost story? out on the platform the ghost appears and tells Hamlet to follow him
How did King Hamlet die, according to the ghost? murder by his brother
What question does Hamlet face after the ghost scene? was the ghost his father or a ghost sent from hell
Why did Hamlet pretend to be mad? to distance himself
What does the King want Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to do? to find out why Hamlet had gone mad
How did Hamlet use the traveling actors to help him unreal the mystery? they put on a play to reveal the words that the ghost had told him
What is Claudius’s reaction to The Mousetrap? What is another title of this play? he ran away; the Murder of Ganzago
Why does Claudius send Hamlet to England? to let England kill him
Why does Claudius’s plan fail? b/c Hamlet finds the letters
Why is Laertes so easily used by Claudius? b/c of his grief and anger
How is Claudius using Laertes? to kill Hamlet with a poisonous sword or a cup of poisonous wine
How does Gertrude die? she drinks the poisonous cup
What is Hamlet’s last request of Horatio? to report him in his call of right to the unsatisfied
In what 3 ways is poison used in this play? -the poisoning of Hamlet’s father -poisoning the queen-poisoning Hamlet and the King

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