Hamlet Unit Exam

Trap #1 Hamlet traps Claudius by Insanity
Trap #2 Polonius traps Laertes by Reynaldo spying/lying
Trap #3 Claudius traps Hamlet by R & G spying
Trap #4 Norway traps Denmark by war in Poland
Trap #5 Polonius & Claudius trap Hamlet by Ophelia spying/lying
Trap #6 Hamlet traps Claudius by Play
Trap #7 Claudius traps Hamlet by going to England with R&G
Trap #8 Polonius traps Hamlet by spying on Hamlet and the Queen
Trap #9 Laertes and Claudius trap Hamlet by sword fight poisoning
Great Chain Of Being God, Angels, Kings, Men, Animals, Plants, Minreals
What breaks the chain? Sin
If a King sins or fails to act at all, who is affected, All those beneath him
What kind of structure is the great chain of being? Strict, Religious hierarchical
What kind of roots does the chain have? Greek and Medieval
Divine Right of Kings definition Opposing a Monarch opposes God
What is Divine Right of Kings based on? Romans 13:1-2
What is Shakespeare’s plan to heighten tension? Short scenes and cliffhangers, constantly focusing on a new situation
Consequences of a King’s fall If the King falls, everything else will fall
Purgatory How much you sinned is how much time you spend
What is Shakespeare saying about revenge in his play? Traps/revenge come back on those who did them
Throughout the play are repeated references to “playing” and “acting”. How does this motif relate to a Hamlet’s rather long quest for revenge? Hamlet never actually acts or plays, he just talks and no action. He never gets his revenge.
Fortinbras gives Hamlet a soldier’s burial at the end of the play. Why does he do this? What does this show about Fortinbras’ view of the world and how he sees Hamlet? Fortinbras thinks it is the nicest thing, he wants to honor Hamlet.

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