Hamlet Test

Where does the play take place? What is happening as the play opens? -The play takes place in Elisnore-Barnardo is switching duties with Francisco on the guards platform -night time on Hamlet’s castle-dark, cold, tense atmosphere-ghost has been appearing
Who are Marcellus and Bernardo? two guards at castle
Why has Marcellus brought Horatio for night watch? to see ghost that has been spotted for the last two nights
Who does the ghost appear to be? How is he dressed? The ghost looks like King Hamlet (hamlet’s dad) and wears the armor he wore when he beat NorwayHe is dressed in armor and prepared for battle**signs that bad things could happen**UNEASE
What is the source of tension between Norway and Denmark? Why is the castle being guarded? -King Hamlet (of Denmark) killed King Fortinbras (of Norway) and inherited land-son of Fortinbras wants revenge and has gathered a gang of rebels to potentially attack
What do Horatio, Marcellus and Bernardo decide to do as the scene ends? tell Hamlet about the ghost and have him try to talk to it
Describe the familial ties now existing in Claudius’s court -Claudius, the brother of King Hamlet, married Gertrude, his brother’s wife-Prince Hamlet’s uncle is now his stepdad
What does Claudius say it’s time to do in his speech? he says it’s time to move forward because while they’re sad there are still things to do
Why is Claudius writing to the king of Norway? Who will deliver the message? He is writing to the uncle of young fortinbras to get the boy to stop his pursuit of revenge-Cornelius and Voltemand will deliver the message
Who is Laertes and what does he ask of the Kings? Is permission granted? Laertes, the son of Polonius (counselor to the King) wants to return to France-He’s given permission from the King
Describe Hamlet’s present mood (Act 1 Scene 2) -sad/depressed, under a cloud-doesn’t just seem upset, he truly is (Appearance Vs. Reality)
What is Claudius’s reaction to Hamlet? The queen’s? What do they ask of him? Queen- don’t be so upset, stay in Denmark and don’t return to schoolClaudius- unmanly, get over it
In his first soliloquoy, what are Hamlet’s feelings about his mother’s marriage to Claudius? -Father was an exceptional king and husband; his parents had a fantastic marriage-Angry at mother, just two months after father’s death she has remarried (weak)
When Bernardo, Marcellus, and Horatio find Hamlet what does he plan to do as a result of what they tell him? he will go and try to speak to the ghost of his father and asks the others not to tell of what they have seen
As Scene 2 ends, why does Hamlet think the ghost of his father may be appearing? He suspects that there was foul play**Was his dad murdered?
Who is Ophelia and what brotherly advice does Laertes give her? -daughter of Polonius and sister of Laertes-Laertes says Hamlet may just be flirting and she shouldn’t get invested-Hamlet does not necessarily get to choose his fate-don’t lose honor/virginity
What advice does Polonius give Laertes before he departs from France? -think before you act-be friendly but only trust a few who have proven themselves-listen to others opinions but be careful about voicing your own-dress well-don’t borrow or lend money-consistent-to thine own self be true
What does Polonius order Ophelia to do? What is Ophelia’s response? -don’t believe everything he says; he may just be using you-he’s all talk -orders Ophelia to stop talking to Hamlet and Ophelia says she will obey
Where and when does Act 2 Scene 4 take place? What is everyone waiting for? -it’s on the platform-night time-the return of the ghost
What is happening during the king and queen’s celebration that involves a cannon? What does Hamlet think of the custom and what effect does he think it will have on Denmark? -they’re drinking-Hamlet thinks their drinking makes the Danish people look bad-“Dram of evil doth all the noble substance of a doubt to his own scandal”=one drop of something bad can ruin something that is largely good
When the ghost appears what does Hamlet do? How do the others react to what is happening? -Hamlet tries to speak to it and it beckons him-the others tell Hamlet not to go with the ghost because it may cause him harm
What is the significance of the following remark by Marcellus: “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark”? there’s something bad going on; all is not well
What is the life span of the ghost? When will he stop appearing? -doomed to walk the night and spend days in the fires until all of his sins are gone
What is the nature of Hamlet’s father’s death? What has everyone been told? -was actually murdered by Claudius: poured poison in the king’s ear while he was napping-everyone in the country was told that he was bitten by a snake while sleeping in the garden
Why must Hamlet spare his mother in seeking revenge on Claudius? What will her punishment be? The ghost gives Hamlet 2 directions:1. Don’t let getting revenge mess with your mind2. Don’t harm Gertrude, she will have to answer to her actions in heaven
What promise does Hamlet ask Horatio and Marcellus to make? What does he warn them not to worry about? 1. Don’t tell anyone what you’ve seen2. Don’t be alarmed if Hamlet starts acting oddly/insane”Antic Disposition”=Crazy
Who is Reynaldo? Where is Polonius sending him? For what purpose? -Reynaldo is the servant to Polonius -Polonius is sending him to Paris to spy on Laertes-tells Reynaldo to speak as if he heard that Laertes behaves in questionable ways but nothing too damaging”By indirections find direction out”
What has frightened Ophelia? her encounter with Hamlet
How is Hamlet dressed at the time? (Act 2 Scene 1, encounter with Ophelia) -Hamlet’s shirt was unbuttoned; he wasn’t wearing his hat, and his socks were around his ankles-Hamlet was pale and shaking
What is Polonius’s reason for reporting this incident to the King? -Polonius thinks that Hamlet has gone mad because Ophelia dumped him-Sycophant
Who are Rosencrantz and Guildenstern? Hamlet’s childhood friends
Why have the king and queen summoned Rosencrantz and Guildenstern? 1. to show Hamlet a good time2. to find out whether something beyond his father’s death troubles him
(Act 2 Scene 2) Who has returned to Elisnore? What news do they bring? -Cornelius and Voltemand-uncle was unaware of Fortinbras’s actions, sent his nephew word to disband his gang-Fortinbras says he’ll stop and request passage to get to Poland
According to Polonius, what is the cause of Hamlet’s madness? What evidence of this cause does Polonius present to the king and queen? -Ophelia’s rejection-love letter from Hamlet to Ophelia
How does Polonius appear honorable and true to the king and queen? that he is putting the kingdom ahead of his own daughter, that Hamlet is out of Ophelia’s league
How does Polonius suggest testing his theory? Polonius and the king will hide behind a curtain and watch a meeting they set up between Hamlet and Ophelia
How does Hamlet tease Polonius? -word play: words, matter, air-he’s speaking nonsense that is logical
How does Hamlet react to the arrival of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern? Hamlet is immediately suspicious of his friends; he questions what they were sent for
What have Hamlet’s friends planned to cheer him up? Rosencrantz and Guildenstern will have players (actors) come and put on a show for Hamlet to try and make him feel better
Why does Hamlet mockingly call Polonius “Jephthah”? Jephthah sacrificed his daughter***Polonius sacrificed his daughter for power
What is the significance of the lines that Hamlet wanted the players to recite? -Pyrrhus hesitates in getting revenge for his father’s death; he doesn’t immediately kill Priam (compared to Hamlet)==the queen is so devastated by husband’s loss compared to Gertrude who was married a month later
Why is Hamlet so annoyed with himself at this point? -Actor is able to get so worked up about lines he recites, what would the actor do if he had Hamlet’s same purpose-Hamlet does nothing but talk…coward?
What is Hamlet scheming now? -Hamlet wants to test Claudius’s guilt to see if the ghost is telling the truth-during the play, he will have the actors reenact the murder scene
Explain the significance of the following lines:”The play’s the thing, Wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the King” Hamlet has decided his course of action to get revenge-judge the King’s guilt based on his reaction to the play and then determine how to proceed
(Act 3 Scene 1) What is the king’s plan to judge Hamlet? -spy on Hamlet and his meeting with Ophelia**King acknowledge guilt: “With devotions wage and pious action we do sugar o’er the devil himself”Appearance Vs. Reality
(Act 3 Scene 1) How does Hamlet treat Ophelia in this scene? What is Hamlet’s attitude toward women? -denies the letters sent were from him-Hamlet says he loved her at one point but wasn’t sincere-tells her to go to nunnery-women: appearance vs reality (use makeup to create image and entice men)
After hearing Hamlet’s tirade, what does Claudius decide must be done? Hamlet must be sent to EnglandHe is a danger to society
What request does Polonius now make? Polonius wants to set up a meeting between the queen and hamlet*spy
How does Hamlet conspire with Horatio? -how much Hamlet trusts Horatio considered him rational, logical and even tempered-asks Horatio to watch King’s reaction so they can compare before Hamlet takes action
How does Hamlet appear mad to Ophelia before the play begins? -lewd/crude-making sexual jokes, passive, aggressive, sassy, sarcastic
What is the King’s reaction to the play? At what point does he leave? gets up and leaves when the murder is reenacted
What messages do Rosencrantz and Guildenstern bring to Hamlet? 1. go see his mother, Gertrude=hamlet will “speak daggers to her but use none”2. What’s wrong? Why won’t Hamlet confess to them?**play him like a pipe
What frame of mind is Claudius in as Act 3 scene 3 opens? What plan does he have for Hamlet? -Having watched the play, Claudius is anxious about Hamlet-asks Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to accompany him to England
What does Polonius intend to do? intends to spy on the queen and hamlet and find out what it is that troubles him
Why does Claudius find it difficult to pray? What truth does Claudius reveal about his crimes and his motivations for them? Claudius has not relinquished what he gained by crime, the queen, the crown, ambition
Why doesn’t Hamlet kill Claudius at this point? Hamlet wants Claudius to die with sins just as his father did since it appears that Claudius is praying, he will let him committ more sins before he kills
Why does Hamlet kill Polonius? he thought polonius was claudius
How does Gertrude appear to be naive or innocent in Act 3 Scene 4? surprised when Hamlet says “kill a king”
What does she finally realize about herself? when hamlet compares two men, claudius and king hamlet, she puts the guilt on herself
Why does Gertrude think Hamlet is so crazy? Hamlet was talking to a ghost she cannot see
What is unique about the ghost’s appearance here? -not outside-others cant see it
What is Hamlet’s advice to his mother now? 1. repent for sins2. Don’t sleep with Claudius
What does Hamlet ask Gertrude not to do? Why? don’t report back to Claudius what happened**Hamlet knows what Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are up to and he will mess with them before they can mess with him
According to the king, where must Hamlet go now that he has killed Polonius? -england-the king is most worried about how events impact him
What does the King ask Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to do? 1. Find Hamlet2. Bring the body of Polonius to the chapel
Why does Hamlet call Rosencrantz a sponge? because he soaks up all the information for the king and then is wrung out by him
What information does Hamlet withhold from the king? where the body of Polonius is
How does Hamlet react to Claudius’s intent to send him to England? accepting as if he doesn’t know what’s going on
What is his real reason for sending Hamlet to England now? to kill Hamlet
Who is passing through Claudius’s kingdom? For what purpose? Fortinbras and his men are passing through to go and claim a piece of land in Poland; land is said to be worthless
How does this event change Hamlet’s mood? Hamlet is upset that they are willing to die for a worthless cause while he does nothing despite his great motivation/purpose
What makes the queen finally agree to see Ophelia? ophelia may speak to others and start trouble
how is ophelia behaving? acting crazy-singing
who has returned to denmark? why? Laertes because of his dad’s death–suspicious
How are the Danish people reacting to Polonius’s death? confused and suspicious; they want answers
What does Laertes intend to do? overthrow Claudius and get answers about dad’s death; he wants revenge-seeing Ophelia’s mental state motivates his revenge more
What does Laertes question in regards to his father’s death? 1. how did he die?2. secret funeral? burial rights?
Where is hamlet now? pirates held hamlet prisoner; but let him go Hamlet is now back in Denmark
What request does Hamlet make? 1. give the letters to the king2. come see hamlet
What two reasons does claudius give laertes for not having punished or executed Hamlet after he murdered Polonius? 1. the queen’s love for hamlet2. public’s love for hamlet
what solution does claudius plan with laertes? the “accidental” death of Hamlet-Laertes will get his revenge but it will appear like an accident
How does Claudius plan to set up Hamlet? “friendly” fencing match in which Laertes is actually using a sharp sword
How does Laertes plan to insure that his sword will kill hamlet? laertes will put poison on the tip of his sword
what is the back up plan in case laertes fails to stab hamlet? have hamlet drink from a poisoned cup
what happened to ophelia? she drowned-suicide
how does claudius betray gertrude in this scene? by planning the death of her son
Where does act 5 scene 1 take place? a graveyard
what are the two clowns (gravediggers) debating? whether or not ophelia should have full christian burial given the circumstances of her death
it is evident that the clown doesn’t recognize hamlet. give two examples to prove this. 1. started on the day hamlet was born (king hamlet defeated fortinbras)2. talking about hamlet’s madness
how does hamlet realize that this is ophelia’s burial? -sees group coming to grave-laertes claiming his devastation over loss and great sadness
How does Hamlet challenge Laertes’s grief? -jumps in grave-hamlet says all the things he would do to prove his love
What message does Osric, the courtier, bring to Hamlet? what the wager is6 horses (the king)6 swords (Laertes)*king is betting that laertes will not beat Hamlet by more than 3
How does Hamlet exchange courtesies with Laertes before the duel? asks for his forgiveness–blames his madness
Why does Laertes confess all before his death? Laertes wants the king to get blamed for all that happened; he is truly guilty for how events unfolded and the many deaths
What request does Hamlet make of Horatio before he dies? tells his story and the truth of what happened
Who will be the successor of the Danish throne? Why has Hamlet named him as a successor? Fortinbras-some rightful claim to the kingdom, another son getting revenge for his father’s death
Yorick king’s jesterhamlet’s obsession with death
ACT 3 Play within the play 1. King and queen talking about love2. queen says never remarry3. king says when circumstances change so do feelings4. nephew kills king
ACT 5 readiness is all hamlet’s acceptance of death prior to fencing match
THE END final scene -Laertes and Hamlet exchange courtesies-queen drinks poisoned cup-Laertes knicks Hamlet-fight and exchange swords-hamlet knicks laertes-laertes confesses all-hamlet stabs king and forces him to drink poison-horatio lives to tell story-fortinbras becomes king

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