Hamlet Test

the premise for Shakespeare’s Hamlet was born from… the anxiety created by Queen Elizabeth not marrying
the ominous cold and darkness is significant because… it sets the mood and foreshadows the tragic events that will follow
which of the following is an important theme? a son’s sense of obligation to the desires of a dead father
Claudius has claimed to married so quickly because… he does not want Denmark’s grief mistaken for weakness
when Hamlet says, “he is too much in the sun,” he is… all of the above
when Hamlet utters “Frailty, thy name is woman,” he is… saying that women are weak and easily manipulated
Polonius’ family conversations help build which motif? expected filial obedience
which words best describe Gertrude and Ophelia? quiet and observant
which character’s behavior contradicts that of Prince Hamlet? Laertes
Hamlet’s remarks about Danish drinking customs suggests that… the prince sees the social structure of Denmark as problematic
Hamlet’s inability to act may be partially due to the fact that he is… an intellectual
which words best describe Hamlet when he first sees the aspiration? courageous and resolute
what does the ghost ask Hamlet to do to Queen Gertrude? leave her to be judged in the after life
Hamlet warns that is behavior may seem erratic because… he has decided to feign madness
Hamlet, troubled by his inability to enact his revenge… is descending into true madness
when Hamlet speaks his “to be or not to be” soliloquy he is… pondering the pathetic bind in which men live
when Ophelia attempts to return Hamlet’s love letters, how does he react? he coldly denies ever having loved her
why does Claudius suspect that Hamlet may harm him? he overheard Hamlet’s conversation with Ophelia
in act III sc ii, Hamlet’s behavior can be seen as reflecting… the entire plays concern for “seeming” versus “being”
when Claudius asks what the play is titled, Hamlet responds… the mousetrap
Polonius’ mention of having portrayed Julius Caesar also… foreshadows Polonius’ death by stabbing
what does Claudius do that prevents Hamlet from killing him? he falls to his knees and prays
what does Hamlet see as an appropriate punishment for Claudius? eternal damnation
why does Polonius want to spy on Gertrude and Hamlet? he believes Gertrude, as a mother, may not be entirely objective
some critics believe that Hamlet’s rage is an indication that… Hamlet and Gertrude had an incestuous relationship
which is not a reason for Gertrude’s inability to see the ghost? the ghost only reveals himself to Hamlet
what would best describe Gertrude’s reaction to Hamlet being shipped to England? indifference
which of these characteristics best describes Polonius? an over opinionated, questionably-proficient father
Polonius believes Hamlet’s madness has been caused by… his unrequited love of Ophelia
which character is considered the most innocent and sympathetic? Ophelia
which might be a genuine source of Hamlet’s distress? his awareness that he lives in a world of intrigue and deceit
how does Claudius react to word that Denmark will not be invaded? he sets the issue aside to deal with Prince Hamlet
what does Hamlet hope to acheive? he believes that Claudius’ reaction will prove his innocence or guilt
Hamlet and Horatio imagine the remains of King Alexander being used to… stop a beer barrel
Hamlet claims to have love Ophelia more than 40 thousand… brothers
Hamlets leap into Ophelia’s grave is an indication of his readiness to… avenge his father’s death
Hamlet regrets his treatment of Laertes because… he sees the similarities of their situation
Horatio is referring to… an old Roman belief
what is Hamlet’s other last request? Fortinbras assume Denmark’s throne
upon hearing of Poloniu; death, Claudius is most worried about… himself
by the end of scene one, what are Claudius’ main concerns? damage control and self preservation
scene one closed with Claudius intending to take what action? confer with his wisest friends and advisors
when asked the whereabouts of Polonius’ body, Hamlet responds by… saying the body is covered with dirt, which is related
Hamlet compares Rozencrantz to what item? a sponge
what does Hamlet believe will happen to Rozencrantz and Guildenstern? they will be killed
Claudius refused to act. This is because… the public’s love for Hamlet is so great, he fears revolt
one reaseon for Hamlet’s focus on death and corruption may be he feels he has lost any chance of salvation
what are Claudius’ plans for Hamlet once he reaches England? he will be killed
Laertes’ action is a notably sharp contrast to the behavior of which character? Claudius
which is not a result of Polonius’ murder? Fortinbras’ invasion of Poland
which symbols are often associated with Ophelia? flowers
what does Fortinbras order his captain to tell Claudius if he refuses to let him cross? Fortinbras will cross with or without Claudius’ consent
in Hamlet’s eyes, Fortinbras is leading his army to battle Poland… for a worthless piece of land
Hamlet proclaims that his thoughts are not bloody, but worthless. This is because… he has compared his own situation to that of the Danes and Pols
what happens to Hamlet’s ship while en route to England? it is overcome by pirates
a conventional theatrical device is called… deus ex machina
it could be speculated that the pirates provide Hamlet with… another example of action unhindered by thought
in this act, Claudius demonstrates his superior capacity for… self-justification
which is not a trait shared by Hamlet and Claudius? their concern for Ophelia’s wellbeing
why did Gertrude lie about the circumstances behind Ophelia’s death? she was concerned about the sanctity of Ophelia’s burial

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