hamlet study set

what country serves as the setting for the play denmark
which 2 countries have recently been at war denmark and norway
what 3 characters see the ghost horatio, marcellus, bernardo
describe the ghosts reaction when one of the guards questions it it doesn’t speak, gets ready to speak but then rooster
the guards want to tell the ghost sighting to whom hamlet
laertes asks king claudius for a favor to return to france
who asks young hamlet not to return to schoool gertrude and claudius
whats hamlets school wittenburg
who does hamlet describe as hyperion a satyr
fratility, thy name is woman–hamlet, referring to gertrude. he means that she’s weak and frail bc she can’t even go 2 months wo remarrying.
who agrees to go with the guardsmen to attempt to see the ghost at the end of this section hamlet
who gives laertes a great deal of last minute advice prior to his departure polonius
who gives ophelia advice in this section polonius and laertes
whats ophelia advice practive what y’all preach
who advises hamlet not to go with the ghost horatio and marcellus
The ghost can’t go to his final resting place until something happens. what happens He gets revenge on Claudius
How did Claudius kill the ghost He put poison in his ear while he was napping
Ghost told him he wants him to leave someone alone who is it Gertrude
What’s Hamlet going to put on his antic dispositions Acting crazy
Hamlet makes Horatio and Marsellus promised him what Did they won’t tell anyone with the ghost told him
What does Polonius believe to be the cause of hamlets madness His love for Ophelia
Claudius and Gertrude ask two characters to spend some time with Hamlet Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
Why do they want these two characters to spend time with Hamlet To find out why he’s been acting crazy
What does Gertrude believed to be the cause of hamlets insanity His father’s death and her quickness to Mary
____is the soul of wit Brevity
Who devised a scheme to spy on him one and Ophelia in this section Polonious
Who called Polonius a fish monger in the section Hamlet
Who said though this be madness yet there is a method in it Polonious
What is the name of the Royal Castle Denmark Elsinore
Hamlet speaks to the players about a scene the ones depicted what war was the main subject of that scene The Trojan war
Who ask the players if they could perform the murder of gonzago Hamlet
What’s Hanlon’s plan regarding the players and their performance He will have them reenact his father’s death and he will watch Claudius to see his reaction
According to him what the __________is the thing where and I’ll catch the conscience of the king Play
At the start of the act Gertrude hope someone will be able to cure him of his madness who is it Aphelia
According to hamlets to be speech what is the undiscovered country from his born no traveler returns Hell
Hamlet tells who to go to a nunnery Ophelia
Who ironically speaks the line madness is great ones must not of watched go Claudius
Why is it so ironic that this character said this line Because he has great power and he’s crazy because he killed his brother
Who did Hamlet sit next to during the play Ophelia
Who loves to play in a hurry presumably out of guilt Claudius
Who did Hamlet meet after the play in order to compare notes about what each one had seen Horatio
Richard sent three people to seek out Hamlet after the play who are these people Guildenstern Polonius and Rosenkrantz
Claudius dispatches Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to take hamlet to what to what country England
Polonius tells Claudius that he will spy on him that while Hamlet converses with who Gertrude
Where does Polonius intend to hide during this spyubg Behind the curtain
Claudius indicates that he cannot truly repent for his sins why not He can’t repent for your sins because he does not want to give up everything life as a king has brought him he enjoys what he has as king and does not want to give it up
Emma has a clear opportunity to kill Claudius in the section why doesn’t he do it He doesn’t want to kill him because he believes that Claudius just confessed he wants him to go to hell so he’s going to wait until he sins
Who said my words fly out my thoughts remain below words without thoughts never to heaven go Claudius
Funniest advises someone to speak bluntly to Hamlet who is it Gertrude
Who killed Polonius Hamlet
Who did Hamlet described as a wretched rash intruding for Polonious
Well Hamlet is confronting Gertrude he can trust to other characters name them both
In this section can him let’s go three appears right is Hanlon initially think the ghost had come To ask him or pressure him into why he hasn’t killed Claudius yet
Why did he really reappear To tell him to leave his mom alone
Hamlet ask his mom to do two things for him what our day Not sleep with Claudius anymore and not to talk to him anymore
Emma tells Gertrude that his distress to specific characters in the section you are a day Guildenstern and Rosencrantz
Who refers to the corpse of Polonius as guts Hamlet
Who told Claudius about the murder of Polonius Gertrude
Claudia sense to people to find out from Hamlet where he had the corpse of Polonius Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
Hamlet called Rosenkranz a sponge who’s favors does he soak up Claudia’s
Who describes to Claudius how a king may go through a progress the guts of the bagger Hamlet
In scene five Hamlet reveals that he is envious of a princess decisiveness, who’s Fortin Ross
Who convinces layer tees to avenge his father’s death Claudius
Who became the prisoner pirates and seen six Hamlet
Claudius explains that he has two reasons for not swiftly punishing him up for his crimes He is loved by society so it would look bad on himself it’s too hard for him to do it alone
How to Claudius learn of hamlets return toDenmark Hamlet wrote him a letter telling him
14 Ross is crossing Denmark to war against what country Poland
Who said that to bench him self on him like he would go so far as to cut his throat in the church Layer tees
The more, the Norman, was impressed with someone’s abilities with a sword who’s Layer tees
Whose idea was it to put poison on the sword of layer tees Claudius
Claudius devises a back up plan just in case the poison sword feels Boys in the drink
How does it feel you die She drowned yourself
Who is disturbed by the fact that the gravedigger was singing while he worked Hamlet
Who’s grade was being dug up Oh feel yeah
According to the gravedigger why is this person receiving a Christian burial Because it was ordered
Why shouldn’t this person be granted one She committed suicide
Who school did the gravedigger show to Hamlet Your IX
Who said alas poor York I knew him a fellow of infinite jest Hamlet
What was the profession of Yorick Kings jester
Who said suites to the suite and who was this person referring Gertrude set it and was referring it to Ophelia
With whom did Hamlet get into a struggle with at the graveyard Layer tees
How did Hamlet dispose of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern He switch the letter up
Who is Hanlon scheduled to do in the section and who bets on Hamlet winning the door Hamlet is going to fight layer tees and Claudius bets on Hamlet winning
Someone tells hamlet that he will not win the dual who Horatio
Who accidentally drink the poison and wine during the dual and died Gertrude
Who serves as the referee or the judge for the door Or sick
How does layer tees die He gets winded by the poison sword
Who incriminates Claudius in the section
I want to methods does Hamlet kill Claudius Stabs him and make him drink poison
Who briefly contemplated suicide by voluntarily drinking from the poison jealous Horatio
Who does Hanlon asked to tell his story or report his tail Horatio
Who assumes the throne of Denmark in the section Print sports bras
in the _______century, Denmark and Norway were united under the union of _______________ 13th century, Kalmar
by the _______century, sweden controlled most of norway parts of denmark 17th
polonius advisor to king claudius, L/O dad
fortinbras family old and young, uncle and nephew, rivals of denmark, king and prince of norway, young fortinbras’s father used to be king(old fortinbras’s brother)
before the start of the play there was a war between _____ and ___________. denmark and norway, denmark won. King hamlet killed king fortinbras.
_____________ wants to know why it seems like denmark is preparing for war, marcellus wants to know. then horatio tells him its because norway might be gearing back up to fight.
themes in hamlet death, revenge, decay, corruption, betrayal, power and poison
hamlet may be derived for the danish word amleth, which mens for, or won who feigns madness
many of shakespears works are to mythology or the bible
foil character whose personality or attitudes are in sharp contrast to those of another character.
elements to shakespearean drama soliloquy and aside
aside characters remark to the audience or to another character that others on stage arts supposed to hear, it reveals the characters thoughts
hamartia error of judgment. Known as the tragic flaw, represents a fatal weakness that causes the downfall of a protagonist. caused by inherited weakness, faulty characters, or poor judgement. results death of the protagonist.
catharsis “kathairein” means to clean or purify. emotional discharge that brings about an emotional or spiritual renewal and welcome relief from the tension or anxiety. . the audience participates emotionally in the dramatic action and goes away psychologically cleanses.
aristoltle said a tragedy had to incorporate the following: central character is of the elite class but suffers a downfallcentral character isn’t completely good or completely evilmisfortunes happen to characters related to the central character
tragic actions take place…. offstage, audience experiences pity and fear, pity and fear leads to catharsis.

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