Hamlet Study Guide: Act 4

What does Gertrude tell Claudius and what does Claudius do? Gertrude told Claudius that he killed Polonius. With worry, Claudius thinks of a way to kill Hamlet without ruining his reputation.
What is Claudius’s plan to kill Hamlet? He tells Rosencrantz and Guildenstern about murdering Hamlet on the voyage, and that they need to find him now.
What does Hamlet tell Rosencrantz and Guildenstern? That the body is with the king but the king is not with the body. Then he accused them of being spies for Claudius.
After Hamlet being escorted by Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to Claudius, what happens? Claudius asks where Polonius’s body was and Hamlet told him. Then Claudius also tells Hamlet that he should leave to England immediately, which Hamlet also agrees too, so he was then escorted by his friends.
What does Hamlet ask the Prince or Norwegian, and his response was? Hamlet asked the Prince of Norwegian what this war was about, he said, for a small land.
What does Hamlet think of as he is going to the ship? All Hamlet could think of was a bloody revenge for Claudius.
What happens after Polonius died and Hamlet leaves? Ophelia comes to visit and is in grief. Horatio mentions also that Laertes is back and with a mob.
What does Claudius do when Laertes came to the castle? Claudius called for his guards and told him that it was not him that killed Polonius and that we should focus more on the person that killed your father.
What happened to Hamlet on the voyage? The ship was hijacked by pirates and is being sent back. This is what the letter Hamlet sent to Horatio said.
What does Claudius do when he heard about Hamlet? He then plans something to kill him, well Laertes killing him. Claudius thinks of having a sword fight between Laertes and Hamlet. But the thing is Laertes’s sword will be sharper and with poison, if all else fails and Hamlet wins, plan b will be a poisoned glass of wine as a celebration.
What happened to Ophelia? She drowned herself, with this this makes Laertes even more mad and ready to kill Hamlet.

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