Hamlet Review

Describe the mood in the opening scene of the play. Suspicion because young Hamlet is concerned about the murder of his father. The ghost of King Hamlet appears and tells Hamlet who killed King Hamlet.
What similarities do Hamlet and Laertes share in their families? Both seek revenge.Both doers and not thinkers.
What is Ophelia’s dilemma? How does she resolve it? Dilemma is that she loves Hamlet, but her father and brother say that he is a bad guy and to stay away from him. She resolves it by no longer liking him and keeping her distance.
What helps Hamlet overcome his fear and follow the ghost? By facing his weakness- confrontation with death.
What does the ghost ask Hamlet to do? To avenge his death from King Claudis but not the mother.
Who does the ghost tell Hamlet not to harm? Queen Gertrude.
What qualities of Hamlet’s character are revealed in Act 1? Will these qualities help or hinder him in his quest to get revenge? Support your answer with details from the reading. Qualities- complex and deeply conflicted.These qualities will hinder him because his focus on what he is to do will be delayed. Hamlet is definitely conflicted because he also has a focus on his father who has passed, which is difficult for him to deal with. He is managing through this but is deeply conflicted. (Throughout Act 1 Scene 2)
Hamlet’s way to the throne has been usurped by Claudius. Does Hamlet indicate that he wants to be the king?

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