Hamlet Review

Laertes and Fortinbras are considered Hamlet’s _______ foils
The catastrophe of the play occurs when Hamlet dies
When Horatio says “I am more an antique Roman than a Dane/Here’s yet some liquor left”- he is telling Hamlet Let me be a loyal friend and die with you
Which word describes the tone of the “to be or not to be” speech? melancholy
Which of the following first caused Halmet’s unhappiness? his mother’s hasty remairrage
Which function DOESN’T the gravediggers’ scene serve?a. offers comedic reliefb. gibes background information about Hamlet’s childhoodc. foreshadows the death of Laertes and Hamletd. further evidence that Halmet is preoccupied with death foreshadows the death of Laertes and Hamlet
If Horatio were confronted with a major problem, he would most likely collect information and go about solving the problem
For a birthday present, today, Hamlet would probably most enjoy tickets to a Broadway play
The fact that Ophelia goes mad is ironic because earlier she had feared that Hamlet was mad
The scene where Fortinbras enters with his army, on his way to Poland, is included to show that Hamlet’s unfavorable comparison of himself with Fortinbras puts an end to indecision
Claudius kneels to pray, but does not repent because he is unwilling to give up what his sins have won for him
What can you infer about Hamlet from the stage directions in the final scene: “He forces the King to drink”? He is merciless in his determination to see that the king dies
Fortinbras’s words at the end: “Let four captains/Bear Hamlet like a soldier to the stage” show that Fortinbras’s attitude toward Hamlet is respectful

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