Hamlet Review

Hamlet talks to his father’s ghost and promises to get _______________. revenge
The ghost reveals that he was killed by poison. . . poured in his ear while he slept.
How are King Hamlet and Claudius related? brothers
Who murdered King Hamlet? Claudius
When Polonius orders Ophelia not to see Hamlet, she __________ obeys
The ghost says he is forced to burn in _______________until he can ascend to Heaven. Purgatory
Who says this quote? “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.” Marcellus, the guard
Polonius tells Ophelia not to believe in Hamlet’s ____________ love
What country is the play set in ? Denmark
What type of play is Hamlet? tragedy
Ironically, Claudius is Hamlet’s uncle and _________________ step-father
The ghost was first seen by ______________ 2 army officers
Fortinbras is the prince of ______________ Norway
What is the purpose of Hamlet’s soliloquies? The reader understands what is in Hamlet’s mind.
The theme of the play is ___________ revenge
The ghost is introduced as a means of revealing the ____________________ to Hamlet truth or murder
Reynaldo goes to France to _____________ on Laertes. spy
The character Polonius is clever, powerful , or foolish? foolish
The ghost is meek hateful or dignified? dignified
What are the ghost’s instructions to Hamlet? get revenge on Claudius/ leave your mother to heaven’s judgement.
What is the supernatural element in the play? the ghost
Hamlet feigns ___________ after meeting with the ghost. madness
T/ F Polonius thinks Hamlet is insane. True
T/ F Hamlet fears that the ghost may be sent by the devil. True
T/ F Fortinbras is an aggressive young man. True
T/ F The queen is fond of Ophelia. True
_____________is Hamlet’s one true friend. Horatio
_____________says, “Though this is madness, yet there is a method in it.” Polonius
Ophelia is actually in love with ______________ Hamlet
The Murder of Gonzago portrays the murder of a ____________. king
The play that convinces Hamlet & Horatio that the kind is guilty is called. . . The Mousetrap
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are called puppets, why? They do whatever the king and queen wish.
T/ F Polonius is unjustly killed. False–He was spying and paid the ultimate price.
T/ F Laertes returned to Denmark to revenge Polonius’ murder. True
T/ F Like Hamlet, Ophelia only pretends to be mad. False
T/F Claudius is to blame for Polonius’ death. False/ Hamlet murdered him.
T/ F Claudius uses Laertes as a tool to kill Hamlet. True
T/F The queen is courageous and not easily influenced. False–she’s easily led by Claudius.
T/F Claudius never admits his guilt to the audience. False–He admits it when he tries to pray. Says his soul is black, etc.
T/F Gertrude is astonished to see the ghost. False–She never sees it.
T/F Laertes believes that Hamlet murdered his father. True
T/ F Both Laertes and Fortinbras seem more decisive and resolute than Hamlet. True/ they both make decisions and act more quickly than Hamlet does.
Why doesn’t Hamlet kill Claudius while he is praying? Hamlet thinks Claudius’ soul will go to heaven.
Whose fault is Polonius death? His own fault primarily.
What is the cause of Ophelia’s death? madness/ drowning
Laertes plots the duel because of grief ambition or jealousy? grief (over his father’s death)
How many months does the play cover? 2 5 or 9? five months
Hamlet sees a ghost a second time when he is with ________________ Gertrude.
Claudius suggests a ______________match between Hamlet and Laertes. fencing/ sword
Claudius sends Hamlet to England to have him ___________ killed
T/ F The queen knows the wine is poisoned when she drinks it. False
T/F Fortinbras conquers some land in Germany. False
Who says this quote? “Good night, sweet prince, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.” Horatio (when Hamlet is dying)
T/ F Hamlet and his mother forgive each other before they die. True
Why does Hamlet apologize to Laertes before the sword fight? Hamlet knows what it like to lose a father.
Why must Horatio remain alive at the end of the play? To tell everyone what has happened.
Hamlet fails in his mission to kill Claudius because he lacks power determination or help? determination
The queen died because she . . . drinks poison
Hamlet’s true character is best understood by ____________ Horatio
T/F Hamlet is sure that Fortinbras will win the election as the next king. True

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